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nineteen plus[COMPLETED]//instagram//hannie fan fiction💜 by saoirsemclaren
nineteen plus[COMPLETED]// 💘🦋
so basically this is a sequel to my very popular story eighteen. at high demand i have come up with this story. 'nineteen plus' idk if i like that name give me other su...
  • fanfiction
  • love
  • nineteen
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Unloved, Married and Pregnant... at 18??? by Kimmeg13
Unloved, Married and Pregnant... Kimmeg
Kayleigh hasn't ever felt loved, nor has she ever felt like she belonged. Her father is a multi millionaire who has no time for her, and her mother is too caught up in...
  • teen
  • kayleigh
  • disfunctionalfamily
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Bad News Babe by graphicals
Bad News Babeby 🥀 𝐤𝐚𝐭𝐲.
If you look up 'good girl' on google, you will definitely find cutout pictures of Layla Lacroix. No verbal definition, nothing but the epitome of the classic Ms. Goody T...
  • gossip
  • fling
  • badboy
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Far Far In WoodLand by Candygirlf22
Far Far In WoodLandby Candygirlf22
After Crystal Mathews eighteenth birthday, she is faced with a major problem when a vampire comes to take her into the forbidden woods called 'WoodLand' - where every hu...
  • society
  • far
  • population
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It All Started With A Flying Book by Crix_Stories
It All Started With A Flying Bookby Dessie Arsed
Crystal Queen, is an average girl. or so she thinks... Crystal like any other girl is normal, she has an average amount of friends, an average family and an average fo...
  • cliche
  • badboy
  • stolenglances
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Eighteen by Eatherai
Eighteenby Eatherai
I was dumped in a hole with nothing but the clothes on my body. I don't remember anything. Not my name, not my family, not where I came from, I remember nothing. Appare...
  • eighteen
  • wings
  • adventure
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Eighteen Candles by petestrick
Eighteen Candlesby p e t e r i c k.
Peterick AU Ever since Patrick's mom died, his dad has been extremely abusive. He's afraid that if his dad is arrested then Patrick will be forced to go to a foster home...
  • stump
  • petewentz
  • eighteen
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18 Years // A.I. by Burnin_Irwin
18 Years // Chris
What would you do if you learned your mother was lying to you for the past 18 years and is really the one who abducted you?
  • 5sos
  • ashton
  • abduction
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The Bad Boy's Princess by Fangurlitis
The Bad Boy's Princessby Tabitha
Arabella Smith is just like any other teenager. Except for one minor detail - she's a princess. What happens when she moves to Maddensville, New York, bumps into the ba...
  • music
  • princess
  • coronation
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The Forbidden Life by KateLorraine
The Forbidden Lifeby KateLorraine
Vivienna lives in a world where children between fifteen and eighteen are chosen to join a glamorous society known as the Orlins. As Orlins they become consorts of the r...
  • fight
  • royalty
  • badboy
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Eighteen  by killianmalik
Eighteen by killianmalik
Part two
  • louis
  • zayn
  • harry
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Android 18 (Future) X Male Reader  by Thomas-Shotgun
Android 18 (Future) X Male Reader by Nostalgic-Writer
Earth was doomed, overrun by cybernetic killer siblings.
  • android
  • eighteen
  • love
18 (Sequel to 15) HS by Soccer1D
18 (Sequel to 15) HSby Sam
It's been almost three years since I bumped- no sorry "tackled" Harry Styles. Ever since that day it's been crazy. I guess that comes with being associated wit...
  • age
  • british
  • pittsburgh
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Eighteen | Harry Potter Original Fanfic by AccioNeville
Eighteen | Harry Potter Original Karin Grace
Follow the story of Alice Dursley, Dudley Dursley's only daughter, until the age of eleven, when a mysterious visitor arrives at their doorstep to throw her whole life u...
  • fanfiction
  • harrypotter
  • eighteen
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Lucas by BrookeKuipers
Lucasby Brooke Kuipers
Lilith is haunted by ghouls. No one else can see them, and she tries to deal with them on her own. They grab her clothes and pull her hair, they throw things across the...
  • dating
  • romance
  • devil
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EIGHTEEN : [BIEBER] by sweetbeanz
[completed] "Magnolia, you've been living in a bubblegum-pink tinted version of reality. You need to wake up and see the real world. Snap out of your daydream, you...
  • justinbieber
  • completed
  • justinfanfic
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8TEEN | l.ty + k.jn by ibiasjinah
8TEEN | l.ty + k.jnby JINAH
━ why two delinquents should never fall in love. ©IBIASJINAH
  • ibiasjinah
  • kimjennie
  • blackpink
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Invisible by allitereeti
Invisibleby 🌈
A random dorky eighteen year old girl brimming with awkwardness encounters a ripple in clear air one exceptionally normal day while returning from school. Before she can...
  • teenfic
  • thriller
  • romance
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Asylum g.d by camryn315531
Asylum g.dby camryn315531
Grayson is in a mental hospital along with my brother Tyler, but they are both there for two very different reasons. Ethan is on the loose for a horrible crime that only...
  • insaneasylum
  • insanity
  • wattys2018
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