Aquarius x Zodiac! Female Reader

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Requested: cookies679

Written by: KatDomo

(A/N: (M/N)- Master's name)

You were the Chinese Zodiac Spirit, The Tiger. You had orange ears and a striped tail. You wore an orange and (F/C) outfit. Your cat shaped pupils scanned the area of the large room. Aquarius sat on the other side, arguing with her boyfriend, Scorpio.

"But, babe, I never cheated on you," Scorpio said, nervously. He was obviously, lying through his teeth. How you love to go up to him and punch him in the face.

"Yes, you did you lying piece of crap!" The blue haired mermaid spirit turned and floated away from her old boyfriend. You stomped over there and kicked him where the sun does not shine. "Listen here, you bastard," You yelled picking him up by the collar of his shirt, "I don't want to see you going anywhere near Aquarius, you got me?" You growled as your pupils dilated. "Y-yes, ma'am." You dropped him to the floor and walked away.

Your tail flicked back and forth as you teleported to the human world in hopes of finding your beloved. You saw her on a cliff looking out onto the water. "Hey, are you alright?" You questioned your eyes gazed with concern. "Yeah I am just done being betrayed," She sighed putting her head on your shoulder. "Yeah, well I won't ever betray you." You spoke with confidence. You started to glow. Your master had started to call you. Aquarius sighed, "Good luck."

(M/N) called you to 'help' with something. "Please let me go!" A girl with blonde hair yelled. She was well endowed and very pretty. (M/N) smiled sadistically, "(Y/N) please be a dear and scratch up her pretty little face?"

It was Lucy Heartfillia. Aquarius's contracted user. "No, I won't hurt her!" You yelled, shaking in fear. "Maybe you shou-" *SMACK* "Don't talk back to me little girl," (M/N) yelled as they hit you. You couldn't leave, you couldn't close your own gate. They finally stopped because water hit (her/him). Why did your master have to bring you down into the sewer?

The blonde girl held a key and to your luck it was your beloved Aquarius. She had a tick mark on her forehead as she beat (M/N) half to death. "Let them go," At that moment, your contract was broken along with the 2 other Chinese Spirits she owned. "T-thank you, Aquarius and Lucy," You said.

"No problem. Are you the famous (Y/N) every one of my spirits have been talking about?" She grinned. "Yeah," Aquarius pulled you up and into a hug. She blushed, but still has a scowl on her face. "Aw, you two are adorable. (Y/N) how would you like to make a contract?" Lucy said holding out a hand. "Sure I guess..." You replied shaking hands concealing the deal.

Aquarius and you were now in the Spirit World. "Hey (Y/N)?" Aquarius said.

"Yeah?" You said back holding hands with her.

"I love you," Aquarius said kissing the temple of your head.

"I love you too Aquarius."

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