Levy Mcgarden x Tomboy! Flirtatious! Female Reader

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Your name was (Y/N) Dragneel. You were Natsu's little sister, the two of you were only 2 years apart. You wore a dark blue sleeveless hoodie with black shorts. You were a water dragon slayer. Ever since your dragon died, you've been living on your own and traveling around Fiore. While traveling, you found an exceed and named her Luna. When you were 15, you found out you had a brother in Fairy Tail. Ever since, the two of you have been writing letters to each other until he finally asked you if you wanted to join Fairy Tail. 

You accepted and was on your way to Fairy Tail. You could wait, you wanted to see your new guild and your brother. "Aww man! I'm so excited!" You fist-pumped in the air. "Calm down (Y/N). People will start thinking you're weird." Luna said while flying beside you. "Sorry Luna. I'm just so excited to see my new guild and my brother." You walked around town, looking at the stores and booths. You looked over to one of the booths to see roasted meat. You felt your mouth water by the smell of roasted meat. I looked over to Luna to see that she was staring at the roasted meat. "Luna, can we get some food? Please. Please. Please!!" you begged. She looked at you then scoffed, "Fine, you have been traveling for a while. I guess some food is good." You knew that the reason why Luna said yes was because she wanted the roasted meat as well. You walked over to the booth and bought your food. You walked back to Luna and handed her some, "Come on let's sit on the ledges and eat."

-Your POV-

I was able to finish in only a few minutes. I was lying on a floor with a satisfied stomach while Luna was still munching on some meat. I heard from across the street a small bell ring. I heard someone grunting across the street and decided to look who it was. I lifted my head a little to see someone carrying a huge stack of books. It looked like it was going to tip over. I stood up and ran over to the person. Before they could drop their books I was able to catch it. "Hey, are you ok?" I chuckled. "Hehe. Ya, I'm fine. Thanks for catching the books before it fell," A high-pitched voice said. This person was probably was a girl, I couldn't see her because of the stack of books. "You need some help with this? I'm not really in a rush." I said. "Thank you so much!" She said. I took half of her books, now I was able to see her face. 

It was stunning. She had beautiful light blue hair with perfect sparkling chocolate eyes. She was wearing an orange dress with a yellow bandana. She was quite petite but I found it adorable. "Hey, are you ok? You're staring at me a lot." She said, breaking my train of thought. I blushed in embarrassment, "Ya, I'm fine. Anyways, lead the way. Oh, wait. Hold on." I looked toward Luna, "Hey Luna. I'm gonna help this girl carry her books ok?" She nodded, "Sure, I'm gonna go fly around town." She flew away as I looked back at the girl, she had wide eyes, "You have an exceed too?" I nodded my head, "How did you know it was called an exceed?" She looks at me, giving me a bright smile making me blush a little, "I have friends who have exceeds themselves. Anyways come on, I'll lead you to my apartment." 

The two of us continued to walk to her apartment. When we finally got there, I saw the place was called "Fairy Hills". Maybe I can get a place here as well after joining Fairy Tail. We walked up to her door as she got her keys out and opened the door. Her room was filled with books and scrolls, it looked so much like a library. She's such a cute little petite bookworm. Wait did I just call her cute? No, I can't, I barely even know her. I shook the thought out of my head. "Hey, where do you want me to put the books?" She pointed to an empty space in the corner of the room. I placed the stack of books there before helping the girl putting away the other stack of books.  "Thank you so much for helping me.... Uh..." she said. "My name's (Y/N). What's yours?" She smiles at me, "Name's Levy. Levy Mcgarden." I smiled. As I grabbed her hand and kissed it, "Well nice to meet you, Ms. Mcgarden. Did I tell you have the most beautiful eyes." She flushed red and pulled her hand away. I smirked a little. 

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