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~Yukino's POV~

"Yukino hurry up!!" Sting yelled. Sting, Rouge, Lector, Frosch, and I are going to Fairy Tail guild to check on how they're doing. We heard that they got a new member and they're crazy strong. They claimed to be Erza's younger sibling. They have already defeated Natsu and Laxus on the day they have been accepted into the guild. Natsu described they're as scary and strict like Erza. I wouldn't be surprised they were.

"Yukino come on!" Lector yelled. I quickened my pace and eventually caught up to them. I looked up at the Fairy Tail guild. I stood behind Rogue as he looked at me confused. "Why do you look afraid Yukino? There's nothing wrong see." String said as he opened the guild door. The second right after he opened the door, a wooden table hurled at him. "Sting!" Rouge said, quickly going over to him to check if he was okay.

Sting quickly recovered and growled. "Who threw that?!" He demanded. Everyone points to Natsu. "Sting grinned and ran over to Natsu and began fighting. Rouge went to hang out with Gajeel while the exceeds went to hang out together, leaving me alone. I looked around the guild and saw Lucy with Mirajane. I went over to them and waved.

"Hey Yukino!" Lucy greeted and pulled me into a hug. I pulled away and gave Mirajane a hug as well. "Hey Yukino, have you seen our new member yet?" Lucy asked. I shook my head. "No, I heard of them but I've never seen them." "She's so hot. Her name is (Y/N) Scarlet." Lucy said. "Yep, she's with Erza most of the time. So they're probably gonna come in... Three... Two.... One..."

Just on the number one, a heavy slam echoed through the guild. There stood Erza at the door with an irritated expression. "Natsu. Sting." Erza said. I could tell she was holding back her anger. Natsu and Sting quickly stopped fighting and apologized. 

Erza lets out a heavy sigh and came over to us. "Hey Erza. Where's (Y/N)?" Mira asked. "Oh she's coming. She's carrying some of my things." Erza said. 

"You know Erza, you could of at least helped me a little bit." A voice said. We looked towards the door to see 50 boxes stacked, blocking the person who was carrying it. "Erza did you order 50 cakes again?! And you made (Y/N) carry it?!" Lucy asked bewildered. "Calm down Lucy. She's strong enough." Erza said, unconcerned. 

The person carrying the boxes made their way up to us and places the boxes onto the counter. "Thanks a lot Erza," She says sarcastically. "No problem," Erza replied. She rolled her eyes and looks at me. I blushed when she looked at me with her (e/c) eyes. 

She had (h/l) (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes. She wore (f/c) armor on her shoulders, elbows, knees, and torso. She's also well-built. I blushed and scaned her body up and down several times. "Like what you see?" She teased. I blushed more and looked away. 

"(Y/N), this is Yukino Argria. She's from the Sabertooth guild." Erza informed her. She smiled charmingly at me and took my hand then gently kissed it. "It's a pleasure to meet you miss. It's about time we meet." She said still gently holding my hand. 

I felt my cheeks heat up like crazy and I looked away embarrassed. "Miss, there is no need to be nervous. A beauty like you, I should be nervous." She winked. I pulled away my hand and turned around to hide my bright red face.

I heard her chuckle and called me cute. I couldn't help but smile when she thought I was cute. "I guess you two are really hitting it off?" Erza teased. (Y/N) nodded and grinned. "I like her. She's cute." The girls besides (Y/N) and Erza squealed in excitment.

"(Y/N), help me put away these cakes!" Erza said, marching over to the stack of cakes then carrying half of the box. She sighed and goes over to get the other half then the two of them left. 

"So Yukino, what do you think of (Y/N)? Hot right?" Mira asked. I nodded shyly and stuttered, "Sh-She's also very flirty isn't she?" "Yep but she only flirts with people she thinks is a goddess. And trust me. She said it herself. And so far you're the only one she had flirted with." Mira teased. I blushed harder knowing that (Y/N) thought of me as if I was some kind of goddess.

Erza and (Y/N) eventually came back after putting away the cakes. "Why did you guys get so many cakes anyways?" I asked. "We have a Christmas party tonight. Would you like to come? Everyone's invited. You can come as my date." (Y/N) winked. I gulped and looked away. "Is that no?" She asked sadly, frowning slightly. "N-N-No. I-I mean ye-ye-yes. I-I-I mean I-I'll go with you!" I stuttered. She blushed slightly and grinned brightly. "Great! I can't wait for tonight!" She said happily.

Erza smiled happily and ruffled (Y/N)'s hair. "Come on. Let's go help the other set up." Erza told (Y/N) and the both of them walked away. "I can't believe you got a date with (Y/N)!!" Lucy fangirled. "I ship it so much! The two of you are so cute!" Mira squealed. "Wh-Whatever," I blushed.


It was almost midnight and the Christmas Party in the Fairy Tail guild was going to start soon. Master Makarov invited the whole Sabertooth guild. Lucy, the other girls, and I went to pick out our dresses. (Y/N) didn't come with us which made me a little sad.

All of us were already inside. We were waiting for our "dates". The door soon opened to reveal the guys, (Y/N), and Kagura. Kagura came since Erza asked her to come.

(Y/N) was wearing a (f/c) tux and walked over to me. She smiled and kissed my hand. "Hello beautiful," She greeted me. I blushed and giggled. She blushed slightly and smiles. Once everyone got with their partner, (Y/N) and I sat down. "So beautiful, tell me more about yourself." (Y/N) asked me, resting her chin in the palm of her hand. I blushed and smiled. "You really wanna learn more about me?" I asked. She nodded genuinely causing me to smile.

I began to tell her about myself and she told me about herself. We eventually ate and joked around. After half an hour after eating, (Y/N) stood up and smiled at me. "May I have this dance?" She asked charmingly. I bit my lip and nodded.

She helped me get up and we both started dancing. I blushed when she placed her hands on my waist as she pulled me closer. I laid my head on her shoulder and smiled softly, enjoying her warmth. 

It was almost the end of the party and I had to head back to my place. I looked over to (Y/N) and smiled as she walked over to me. "Hey Yukino, can I ask you something?" She said. "Yea?" I responded. She grinned and dangled something above our heads. I looked up to see a mistletoe. My cheeks flushed and I looked at (Y/N) who had a childish grin on her face.

I stood there frozen with surprise. She smiled and cupped my cheek. "It'll be quick if you want." She said. She gave me a small peck on the lips. Even though it was a peck, I could still felt the electricity between us. I wanted to feel it again. I placed both my hands on both her cheeks and pulled her into a kiss. 

I felt her stiffen but quickly relax and kiss me back. I smiled at the kiss and we eventually had to pull away for air. I could hear everyone around us clap and cheer causing me to blush in embarrassment. (Y/N) grinned and hugged me tightly. "Can we maybe go on a date?" She asked. I blushed harder and nodded. "Of course you idiot," I giggled.

The both of us shared one more kiss before having our last dance and ending the night.

(A/N: Guy's I've been seeing requests left on this book and my other one even though the title clearly says that requests are closed. I'm not gonna blame anyone because they might not have seen it. Look I already got a lot of old requests I haven't done yet and there's way too many. My co-authors in this book aren't writing as I thought they would be, only one is. Idk where and what happened to the others. But to confirm, I am not taking any requests left on any of my books that says in the title REQUESTS CLOSED. I hope you do understand this because I have a lot of things I have to do. This is one of the only times I can update as much as I can because of school. I am trying my best to update all but my mom decided to do some bitch move and make me go to tutor on Christmas Break and drag me everywhere to go shopping and being social. Once again, I'm not taking any requests. Maybe later on in the future when I finish up the ones I have then I'll open up the requests. I'm only going to write the ones that have been requested a long time ago and before I closed up the requests. Thank your for understanding.)

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