Cana Alberona x Female Reader x Erza Scarlet

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~Cana's POV~

I was currently drinking booze while watching Natsu and Gray fight. It's weird actually. Erza is supposed to break up their fight by now. Where is she anyways? I looked around the guild, looking for Erza. But before I could fully scan through the guild, I heard a loud crash. I looked over to Natsu and Gray to see that they were on the floor unconscious.

"You two idiots don't learn anything do you?" Someone said. I saw (Y/N) standing a few feet's away from them with blue lightning sparking out of her hand. (Y/N) was a part of Mermaid Heel but she likes spending most of her time here at Fairy Tail. I don't mind it, she's pretty tough. Well, I shouldn't expect less from Kagura's little sister.

(Y/N) sighed then looked over to me and grinned brightly. I could feel my cheeks burn with heat. I looked away and cover my cheeks with my hands. I had to admit, ever since I saw (Y/N), I felt as if I fell in love at first sight. But I wasn't the only one. Most of the girls in Fairy Tail fell in love with her. (Y/N) and I are technically best friends. But I wanted to be more than that.

"Hey, Drunkie." She grinned. I blushed at the nickname she gave me. "Hey, Flatty." I snickered. She pouted and crosses her arms. "I know I have a flat chest ok. Don't make fun of it." She said, sitting down next to me. I couldn't help but smile and wrap an around her shoulder, "Sorry kid. It was just a joke." She sighs and leans into me then places her head on my shoulder. I blushed madly and looked away.

"Erza! (Y/N) tried to beat us up!" Natsu yelled at Erza, who was just entering the guild. "Then you two must have done something you shouldn't have done." She simply said. "One-chan!" (Y/N) said, standing up and running towards her. "Hello (Y/N)." She said then kissing her forehead. I clutched my fist as she kissed her. "So what are doing?" Erza asked her. "I'm planning to hand out with Cana and maybe take her to this cafe downtown." She replied, looking back at me and smiling and waving. I blushed slightly and waved back. I looked at Erza who was glaring at me. I was going to glare back before (Y/N) caught her glaring. "Why are you glaring at her?" She said. "It's nothing (Y/N)," Erza replied. "Ok then." She said then walks towards me.

"Hey Cana, wanna go to this cafe with me? I know it doesn't have any alcohol but I thought it could be a change." She said nervously. I smiled and pecked her on the cheek, "I'll love to." She looked at me with surprise as her cheeks grew redder the second. I looked up at Erza and smirked at her causing her to grit her teeth with anger. "Ok. We'll go after I talk to Wendy. Wendy asked me to help her with something before." She said. I nodded in reply. She smiled and kisses me on the cheek, "See ya later."

I placed my hand gently on the place where she kissed me. I couldn't help but smile to myself. It didn't last long when I saw Erza walking over to me. I glared at Erza as she came over. She walked up to me and growled. "Back off Alberona. She doesn't like someone like you. She only feels bad for you." Erza said. "You're just jealous she sees me as someone more and sees you as a sister." I snapped back. She then grabs me by my shoulder and gripped onto my shoulder tightly. I hissed in pain as she tightens her grip. "(Y/N)'s mine Alberona. So back off. We both know I'll win her heart." She said in a stern voice before pushing me away.

She glared at me hard once more before walking away. I rubbed my shoulder in pain. "Hey, Cana. Are you ok?" (Y/N) said as she walked over to me. "I'm fine," I said. She frowns and holds my free hand, "You're lying. You're hurt." I felt my cheeks burn as she stared at me with her deep (e/c) orbs. "We can hang out in my room. We can rest there and I can order food." She suggested. "I guess I wouldn't mind," I said. "Good," She said, then placed my arms around her shoulders. We looked at each other while our faces were only a few inches away. Both our cheeks grew red and we looked away from each other. "Le-Let's go." She stuttered. The two of walked out of the guild excited for our time together.

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