Cana Alberona x Badass! Female Reader

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Requested by: Blz_wolfchild19

Written by: nightdragon456 aka Author-chan :3

(A/N: This is school AU chapter)

~Your POV~

There are two types of delinquents in Fairy Academy. The Drunks and the Rebels. The two groups have been at each other ever since they've been formed. The Drunks are just people that are always drinking and are usually old pricks that didn't graduate from school. The Rebels are people that you usually see beating up people for money, getting in trouble, damaging school property, and all those kind of things. The Drunks and Rebels have been competing who's better. But it's obvious who it is.

If you haven't guessed, I'm one of the Rebels. I'm the leader of the Rebels after the last leader was sent to jail for hijacking a police car. I wore a (f/c) mask that covered the lower part of my face, the white button up shirt with the tie, a black jacket, and pants. Like hell, I was gonna wear their fucking skirts. 

We usually hung out by a tree near the front of the school. The Drunks hang out on the other side in front of the school. Every member hated the other group and it's always been like that. They always thought of us at no good trouble makers, like what are they? Our parents? But I don't get one thing. There's a girl in their group. She was the only girl there and she didn't seem to mind. And here's the thing that makes me even more confused, she's not some old drunk prick, she's looks like your ordinary delinquent high school student. Her name was Cana Alberona. I had to admit, she was kinda hot but I could never say that. 

I walked out of the house I lived in and locked the door behind me. I lived alone since my parents thought that I was being too much of a "terrible child" and kicked me out. Fucking pricks. I looked over to the house next door to see Cana. Oh yeah, we're neighbors. How peachy is that? Once I locked my door, I walked to school. The both of us would head the same direction but would always walk on different sides of the street. 

I glanced over to the side of the street to see Cana looking at me. "What are you staring at?" I asked, raising an eyebrow in confusion. "I wasn't staring at anything dipshit!" She snapped back. I scoffed and walked faster. I don't need to get into a fight this early in the morning, I'm still fucking tired and I didn't drink coffee.

I got to school and walked over to my group. "There you are (Y/N), I thought you would never come. Which wouldn't really be a surprise." (F/N) said, tossing me a can of soda. "I have to anyways if I don't I get in trouble with my patrol officer. And I don't need to go to juvie again." I told them, opening the can and chug down the drink. "And I had a shitty morning" "What happen? Is it that Drunkie from across the street? I'll beat her up for ya!" (F/N) growled, cracking their knuckles. "Calm down. Besides it's too early in the morning." I scoffed, finishing the drink and crushing it in my hands.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Erza, the student council president. "What do you want prez?" I sighed. "Come with me," Erza said, pulling on my ear while dragging me into school. "Ey hands off!" I growled. She ignored me and dragged me into the counselor's office then finally lets go. "What the fuck was that for?" I snapped, rubbing my ear. "There shall be no swearing in this room!" Carla said. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms, "Why should I listen to you? You might be my counselor but you're still a cat. Anyways why do you want me here?"I looked over to my right to see Cana sitting in one of the chairs. "What the hell are you here for?" I asked. She only shrugged. 

Carla took deep breaths, trying to contain her anger, "I've had enough with you delinquents in this school. Especially the violence between the two of your groups! The two of you better stop this or you and your groups are both expelled!" She yelled. "What?!" Cana and I yelled. "You're joking right?! My group with the Drunks?! Like bloody hell I am!" I snapped. "It doesn't matter, I can deal with your little individual acts of violence but when the both of you fight, that's when it crosses the line! That's that! Cana! Button up your shirt and stop exposing so much chest! Wear a proper skirt! (Y/N)! Wear the girl's uniform and take off that stupid mask of yours! It's not like you're impressing anyone!" She said. I got angry and slammed the desk. "Look here cat! Cana and I may be delinquents but we're people and students too! And if you can't treat us like one then you can go suck it!" I snapped, flicking her off and grabbing Cana's hand and storming out of the room.

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