Erza Scarlet x Mirajane Strauss x Female Reader

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~Your POV~

"Mary, please stop running! Erica drop the lighter!" I shouted, chasing around the two children who were running around while laughing.

"Faster Mama!" Erica shouted as she ran with the lighter in her hand. Mary ducked under the couch and hid under there while giggling. "Mary get out of there! It's dirty! I said trying to grab the girl from under the couch. 

Mary squealed and kicked my hands away, "No!" I groaned and got up on my feet again and went back to chasing Erica. "Erica! Where did you go?!" I shouted, looking around for the other girl. 

I felt a tug on my pants and I looked down at a little boy with sleepy eyes. "Mama, why are you yelling?" He said as he rubbed his eyes. "I'm sorry sweetheart," I picked him up and he cuddled up against my shoulder. "Your sisters are being troublemakers again." I sighed and stroked his hair. He hummed quietly and nodded slightly. 

He soon fell back asleep and I tucked him in bed. I ran my fingers through my hair as I went back into the living room. Erica and Mary must have ran out of energy because they were asleep on the floor.

I flopped onto the couch and sighed in relief. As I was about to fall asleep, I heard the door slam open, causing my eyes to snap open and jump in surprise. 

I looked over to the front door to see Erza holding open the slammed door with her eyes sparkling in excitement while Mira was behind her with a soft smile.

The slam must have woken up the girls because they squealed and ran over to Erza and Mira hugging them tightly. I sighed and rubbed my eyes, "So much for a nap."

I felt someone sit beside me and began to massage my shoulders. I smiled and looked over to see Mira smiling at me. "I'm guessing you had a rough time with the kids?" She asked. I nodded and leaned against her for comfort and warmth. She held me close as we both watched Erza play with Mary and Erica.

"Where's Henry?" Erza asked as she looked up at me with the two girls hugging both of her legs. "In his room," I told her. She nodded and marched to Henry's room with the two girls laughing while clutching onto her legs.

"I'm surprised that you or the kids didn't burn the house down by now." Mira giggled. "Haha very funny. For being Erza and I's kid, Erica gets into too much trouble." I mumbled. "And as for Mary, she's as violent as you were when you were a kid. Luckily, Henry isn't like her." I sighed and shifted around so I could rest my head on her lap.

Mira massages my scalp and I smiled at her comforting, motherly nature. Erza soon came back with all three of our kids and sat down on the couch with the rest of us.

"You two need to stop going out on so many missions." I pouted and looked up at the both of them. "The kids and I miss you guys a lot," I said sadly. They both smiled and kissed me on the forehead. "We promise this is going to be the last mission until next year okay. It's just that this was an emergency mission that required two S class wizards." Erza said. 

"Ma and Mom are so cool!" Erica said jumping up and down. "Yea tell us stories about your mission!" Mary shouted. "Great now you guys are the cool moms," I said crossing my arms. "Aww don't be so sad (Y/N)," Mira cooed as she showered me in kisses.

I couldn't help but grin and push her away gently, "Stop Mira!" She pouts and resists, "Stop regretting my love!" I laugh and gave up, letting her continue to shower me with kisses.

A few hours later, the kids fell asleep again to Erza and Mira telling them stories about their mission while I quietly listened as well. 

Erza went to tuck the kids to bed while Mira was carrying me up to our bedroom. With the two of them always gone, I always found the bed empty and cold. It usually took me an hour or so to fall asleep. But now that they were back, the bed has never felt warmer. I cuddled up between them once they showered and got ready for bed.

Despite having troublesome kids and wives that often had to leave for missions, I wouldn't want to trade my life for anything else.

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