Aquarius x Shy! Abused! Zodiac! Female Reader

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~Your POV~

I began to bandage myself up from my last fight with my celestial wizard. They planned to summon me to help them win a fight but I couldn't win when it was one against five. I ended up losing which made my celestial wizard angry and they began to beat me. No one else knew about this and I never really planned for anyone else to find out. I was already weak, I don't want to seem weaker. I didn't want to look like a burden to my friends. 

I definitely didn't want Aquarius to find out. Aquarius has been my girlfriend for years now after she broke up with Scorpio. She's been very protective of me and she got jealous easily. One time I wanted to try to know Lucy more but Aquarius didn't even let the conversation last 3 minutes before she came in and acted all protective and jealous.

I didn't mind the attention from her, but I just didn't want to worry her. I didn't want to seem useless. Once I finish myself up, I got up and made myself some food. I need to restore my energy in case my celestial wizard might summon me out of nowhere again.

I then heard a sudden knock at my door. "It's open!" I yelled from the kitchen. I heard the front door open and close. I was too busy focusing on making food rather than looking up at who the person is. But it was obvious who came in since she always came around this time. 

"There's my cute little otter!!" I heard Aquarius coo as she pulled me into a bone-crushing hug. I yelped as in pain due to my injuries but I quickly shut my mouth. I was the Native American Zodiac, the Otter. I had an otter's tail and wore a dark blue hoodie with black shorts and converses. I wore a ponytail and had otter ears on my head as well.

"Hey Aquarius," I greeted, hoping she didn't hear my yelp of pain. She smothers me with hugs and kisses before she pulls away. I sighed in relief as she didn't mention anything about my yelp. "Are you free (Y/N)?" She asks me. I shrugged and sighed. "You know my celestial wizard, they call me whenever and wherever they want, they just abuse their powers sometimes." 

Aquarius clutches her fists annoyed and sighed, trying to contain her anger. I knew how she felt about my celestial wizard and I knew she hated that I was never with her. Whenever she wanted to hang out, my wizard would summon me to something stupid and I ended up getting hurt from them or something else.

"I can beat them up for you or help you out if you want," She offered. "For the 100th time, no," I said to her. She scoffs and crosses her arms. I go over to her and kiss her pout. "Don't be like that okay? I don't want anyone to get hurt." I said. She keeps quiet and looks at me in the eyes. "Do you really mean that?" She said seriously. Her eyes weren't full of love, compassion, or anger. Just empty and blank eyes. It scared me really how empty her eyes looked. "Ye-Yes," I stuttered slightly from lying and from how scary she looked.

After a few seconds of silence, she lets out a heavy sigh and nods. She makes her way out without saying anything and leaves. My otter ears flatten sadly as I looked down. I lied and I caused her to leave. I didn't know what to do anymore. Aquarius was never like this. Even if I did lie to her and she did know, she would have never left me like that. This was different and I don't know how to feel. 

Before my mind could wander into deeper thoughts, my celestial wizard summons me. I realized I was near a rushing river now that led to a large waterfall. I looked over to my celestial wizard who had an evil and suspicious smirk on their face. "What do you want this time?" I asked. 

"I dropped something in the river. Go fetch it for me." They said and pointed to the river. "Are you dumb or just crazy? Even if you did drop it, it would be at the bottom of the waterfall by now!" I yelled. They looked at me angrily and stomped up to me, "Are you disobeying my orders?!" They snarled and grabbed me by my hoodie then shoved me onto the ground. "When I say get me something. You. Get. Me. It!" They snarled as they kicked my side at every word they said.

I gritted my teeth as I held my side in pain. "You're so fucking worthless! Why did mother give me your stupid key!! I should have gotten someone else that's cool like Scorpio or Taurus!" They ranted as they stomped on my otter tail.

I let out a cry of pain as they crushed my tail under their foot. I felt tears run down my cheeks. "Why the fuck are you crying?! You're the one that's a worthless piece of shit! You're better off at the bottom of this waterfall than up here on land!" They yelled.

They grabbed me by the hoodie and dragged me to the river. I wanted to kick and scream, anything to try to get away from them but their grip was too tight. "Stop trashing you worthless bitch!" They spat as they kicked the side of my jaw. I whimpered and did my best not to cry.

'Aquarius.... Where are you... I need you... You were right... I do need help...' I thought as I heard the rushing waters of the river grew louder. They dragged me near the edge of where the waterfall was. 

"Bye bitch, I never wanted you anyways," They snickered as they kicked me into the river. I tried to gasp for air but water only entered my throat. I choked as I tried to struggle back to surface but the waves kept pushing me down. I felt a large rock bang and scrap my back causing me to scream underwater. More water flowed in as I felt the air leaving my lungs. 'I'm sorry Aquarius...' I thought as the gravity of the waterfall pulls me down.

I waited for the impact with the bottom of the waterfall but it never happened. I tried to breathe again... and it worked. I could breathe air. I began to choke out all the water I had and coughed. I saw that I was being cradled by the water. I was brought back up the waterfall and set down gently on the other side of the river from my celestial wizard. 

"What the fuck?!" They yelled. I began to feel someone's presence near me. I looked over to see Aquarius with her arms crossed, looking at me. I teared up and got up. I ran over to her and hugged her tightly, not even caring about the pain anymore. She hugs me back tightly and strokes my hair, comforting me.

"You were right. I need help. I don't wanna do this anymore." I sobbed. She nods in understanding and pulls away. "I'll take care of this okay? All you need to do is just rest and close your eyes." She told me.

I did what I was told and laid down on the grass. I closed my eyes. I felt Aquarius move away from me. Seconds later, I heard Aquarius yelling in rage and my celestial wizard screaming in horror and pain. "You dirty little fucker!!! I'll kill you if you don't release my precious otter from your filthy disgusting hands!!" She yelled. I heard large waves crash against my celestial wizard causing them to choke and cough.

"Okay okay!" They yelled. They broke your contract with them and quickly ran off before Aquarius could do any more damage. She sighs and goes back over to you. "How come you never told me about this? Or never tried to leave or close your gate?" She said. "I have but I couldn't. And I didn't want you to worry or see me as someone super weak." I confessed. 

She smiled and kissed my forehead. "Don't say that. You're strong in your own ways and I would never see you as someone weak. And there's nothing wrong with me worrying about my girlfriend." She said. "I wished I could have killed them when I had the chance. Look what they did to you." She said sadly as she cupped my cheek. "It's okay. It's over now. Let's just go back to my place. I just want to rest now." I sighed tiredly. She chuckles and nods.

I'm thankful for having someone like Aquarius by my side. She isn't just a zodiac or my lover. She's my savior.

(A/N: Hey guys. Sorry, I never update this story anymore, it's just that I've been losing interest in this book and I wouldn't really know what to write. Sure I get a lot of request for it and stuff but it's just the whole plot set in general. I don't know if I should continue this book or not since you guys love it so much. If you guys want this to continue let me know but that means this book won't update as much since I don't really know what to do with it. But don't worry it will be updated sooner or later.)

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