Levy McGarden x Punk! Female Reader x Cana Alberona

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(A/N: Credits go to the amazing AUnicornInASuit for being a great help and friend and help me with writing these stories! Go check our their profile because they also write stories too! T~T)

~Your P.O.V~

I walked through my guild, Sabertooth, I was well known, only for my attributes. I didn't really enjoy the company of my guild, I enjoyed mostly the company of another famous guild, Fairy Tail.

Some days were just boring, while others were entertaining and exciting. Though usually, I'm the one that causes the trouble in the guild. I'm the one that makes it fun. I'm rebellious to the "rules" they have. Usually, it makes me laugh but sometimes not.

I decided that I wanted to visit Fairy Tail, so let's go.

--Time Skip--

I casually arrived at Fairy Tail, no trouble which makes me happy. I don't want to start a fight today, it's too tiring at the moment.

I opened the door and strolled in like I was a part of the guild, not without catching some members staring.

I walked up to my "partner in crime", Cana.

"Boo!" I shouted behind Cana.

"Hey (Y/n), what's up?"

"God damn, how can I not scare you?"

"It's easy just to know that you're here."

"Mmm, and how? You some magical unicorn or something?"

"No, everyone who is attracted to you usually stares at you, so no, not a unicorn."


I hugged her from behind, I usually do this when I want something from her. Or to make her blush, let's just say I know she has a crush on me.

"W-what do you want (Y/n)?" She stuttered while slightly blushing.

"Ohhh nothing... just a little teasing, why?"

"No reason"

"Hey Cana." I poked her cheek.


"Do you know where Levy is?"

"Nope." She regained her composure.

"Okay! Well, imma go find her, talk to ya laterz!" I left Cana in search to find Levy.

--Time Skip-- 3 Minutes --

"Hey Levy!!"

"Ahh! Wait Wha-- Oh... hey (Y/n)..." She shyly stated.

I kissed her cheek gaining a beet red face from her.

"Ya know..." I took her book from her, then slowly leaned in.

"You're really cute..." I said with a devilish smirk.

I slowly leaned in our lips barely touching, then she closed the tiny space between us. Our lips slowly moving together, until she pulled away.

"I didn't know you were daring... when did you become so confident?"

"Uhm - Uh- I don't know?"

"Cute~" I move away from Levy.

"Well, My Love, I must go. Make sure to talk to you again~" I moved in closer and pecked her lips then moved away.


"Bye (Y/n)."

--Time Skip--

I found Cana still in the same spot drinking, like always.

"Hey Cana."

"What's Up?"


I leaned in closer seeing her face getting to a cherry red.

"W-what are you doing?"

I smirked knowing that this is affecting her speech. I leaned even closer, her breath touching my lips. Soon enough I closed to space and our lips were together in a sweet but sweetly short kiss.

"Anyways, I gotta go see ya later ;3"

I walked away, going back to my guild know that what I did, I might be killed for. Maybe by both ladies, but let's see later....

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