Lucy Heartfilia x Female Reader (Lemon)

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(A/N: Sorry for not updating for slow long. I'm so disappointed in myself. ;-; I've been working on the end of the quarter shit and preparing for high school and all that. Anyways I'll try my best to update my stories more often.)

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~Lucy's POV~

"Hey Levy, do you have any books I can read? Natsu and the others went on a job without me and I have nothing to do." I told Levy. "Yep! Come with me, I'll give you some books!" Levy replied happily as she skipped down Fairy Hills. I followed her into her room to see her room filled with books. I wasn't really surprised to see it was full of books. I wasn't really surprised to see her room filled with books, I think everyone already knew that. "Here!" Levy said, handing me several books. "These are my favorite ones. I think you would like it!" She said cheerfully. I nodded and grabbed the books. "Thanks again Levy!"

I walked back to my place with the books in my hands. While walking back I saw (Y/N) talking to Wendy and Carla. I felt my hands getting sweaty as my cheeks heated up. I liked (Y/n) ever since she came to the guild. (Y/N) turned around and looked at me and smiled making my heart skip. "Yo, Lucy!" She said happily, waving at me. I walked over to them and greeted them. "Hey guys." (Y/N) flashed me a goofy grin before slapping my butt causing me to yelp. "What was that for?!" I blushed madly, feeling a bit turned on. "What? I was just playing around Lucy!" She replied innocently. I blush even more and looked away from her. (Y/N) grabs one of the books I was holding and looked at the title. "Hey, give that back!" I exclaimed. I reached for the book but (Y/N) pulled it away from my reach. 

"Ohhhhh, Lucy. I didn't know you would read something this scandal." She snickered. I raised an eyebrow in confusion. "You don't even know what type of book you're reading? This is a  rated 18 yuri manga. How did you not know by the cover?" She said. My eyes widened snatched the book. I looked at the cover to see the title. No wonder why I couldn't see it, the title was quite small. I blushed and looked away, "I didn't know it was that kind of book.." (Y/N) just chuckled a little and ruffled my hair a little, "Don't worry about it. I read it too." I looked at her with surprise. I never expect (Y/N) to read something that lewd. 

"What's yuri?" Wendy said confused. Oh, I just realized that Wendy was still here. "Oh, you'll learn when you're older kiddo. I'll make sure I'll be the one that teaches you." (Y/N) said, grinning at Wendy. Wendy looked at us confused before shrugging her shoulders. "Come on (Y/N), let's get some things to eat," Wendy said. (Y/N) nodded and looked towards me. "Want me to get you anything?" She asked. I shook my head and replied, "No thanks. But maybe you can come over to my place after?" (Y/N) nodded her head before looking back at Wendy. "Let's go Little Wind Dragon." (Y/N) said to Wendy. Wendy giggled at her nickname before walking side by side with (Y/N). 

I watched the both of them walk away before I headed home myself. Once I got home, I sat down on my bed and place the books in front of me. I blushed as I saw the yuri one but I ignored it and grabbed the other book instead. I began reading the book, placing the yuri one aside. After a few chapters, the book got boring and I nearly fell asleep. I put away the book and grabbed the one I put aside before. I never read a yuri book or manga before. But I've heard (Y/N) and Levy talks about it sometimes. 

I opened the book and began to read it. It was quite interesting in the beginning but that was until I got to the middle of the book. I was reading a lewd scene.  I read eagerly, wanting to know what would happen next. No wonder why (Y/N) and Levy liked these things. I felt myself getting wet. I crossed my legs and began to rub, causing a bit of friction. I moaned softly at the friction. I placed the book next to me and slipped a hand into my panties. I began to touch myself as my breath grew heavy. I began to think of (Y/N), making me more wet and eager. I began to rub myself quicker and stuck in two fingers. I let out a loud moan as my fingers went in and out. "(Y/N)....... more please......" I moaned to myself. I felt like I was going to climax any moment until I heard a knock at the door. "Hey Lucy? You in there?" (Y/N)'s muffled voice said through the door. I quickly pulled out my hand and wiped it dry before answering the door. 

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