Teen! Mirajane Strauss x Badass! Tomboy! Female Reader

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Requested by: EddieLeeTodd

Written by: Shiroyuina

~Mira POV~

It was now Friday evening, school's over and I am currently putting my books back into the locker. "Hey, Mira!" I turn around to see my beautiful girlfriend waving at me while coming to me.

I have been dating (Y/N) for five months and I got to say that she is sweet and treats me well even though the teachers says that she's a bad influence for the students because she sometimes skips classes. Keyword 'sometimes'; She has a reason for skipping classes. There are rumors about her smoking, taking drugs and bullying but all of them are not true at all.

Oh! Did I mention that she is also a badass and a tomboy? No? Ok. She plays basketball and softball. She is the captain of the basketball team which she didn't like it at first because of the responsibilities but she got used to it somehow.

When I first saw her, I was mesmerized by her e/c eyes which were unique to me. She somehow found that the same and started talking to me. After a while, we became best friends and she started opening up to me about her past bit by bit.

Then later, I found her hard to talk to without blushing. At first, I was confused but then I realize that I was in love with her. So here we are, (Y/N), my girlfriend.


"Hey are you there Mira and why are you smiling like an idiot?" (Y/N) say while waving her right hand at me.

"Hey Y/N and I'm not smiling like an idiot! Are you finished with your practice already?" I said while hitting her hand away.

"Ouch! No need to be so rough and yeah I finished my practice so let's go to my house and hang out" (Y/N) say while taking my hand.


"ok, you wait here while I take my bath first," Says while walking into the bathroom.

"Sure but be quick or I'm going in there with you" I smirk and jumping into her bed. I got bored so I took out my phone and played with it.

After a few minutes, I heard the sound of water stop running. I saw (Y/N) came out with just a towel wrap around her. I gulp when I saw the curve of her body. It was beautiful and perfect.

"Hey, where are you looking at, my body or my face?" She smirks while taking off the towel that was wrapping around her body.

" I...uh...um..." I couldn't form words when she is getting closer to me with her naked body. She got on the bed and was now on top of me.

"Don't worry I'll take care of you, just lay down and enjoy." She whispered near my ear and biting it. I shivered and nearly let out a moan. She then moves to my face and gives me a long gentle but passionate kiss. My hands were on her hips.

She bit my bottom lip and I gasped. She took the chance to insert her tongue into mine, battling with my tongue. Of course, she won. She then uses her left hand to message my left breast causing me to moan softly. Wait, when did she even remove my clothing?

She uses her right hand to pinch my nipple causing me to moan in pleasure. She then removes her left hand and uses her mouth to suck and lick my left nipple.

This cause me to moan loudly and I can feel that my center getting very wet. She slowly moves her head down towards my center.

" Wow you look very wet down here," she said blowing gently on my center. I moan and was blushing furiously. She continues by licking my center and using her left hand to rub my clit.

My mind was getting blank and I was moaning very loudly. She then removes her tongue and hand causing me to whimper. " Why..did you st-" I was cut off when she insert her tongue inside my center making me arch back, my hand holding the sheets tightly.

She continues with moving her tongue in and out of my center until I came. She then licks clean my center and moves to the side to let me recover.

" Now...it's your turn, " I say while moving on top of her but she stops me.

" No it's ok I get to taste you and it's enough for me. Besides I'm tired" She yawn using her hand to cover her mouth.

" But..." I pouted looking at her.

" Ok ok, we do it tomorrow because I'm so tired right now" She smiled.

I gave her a satisfying smile and then moving my head on her chest wrapping my arms around her waist and she did the same. I listen to her heart beat and fall asleep.

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