{One}Immortal Academy l Midnight Kiss; Book One.

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Chapter: One; Awakened Inside.

Book: One.

Novel: Immortal Academy.

Author: Shiaa Aljahsyi.

-- As you read, play the song and feel the rythm along with the story. (:

The same familiar lust came to me, hitting me hard and strong. I felt my body weaken at the sight of the bare neck. His neck lean and long, I bared my fangs, and sank them in. The delicious intoxicating amount of blood burned my veins.

I woke up, sighing. I got out of bed, and gazed into the mirror. I looked terrible. My brilliant chocolate brown eyes got duller and duller till it almost resembled gray. My black long hair looked like hay. I grabbed a black vest with the school's badge already pinned on, a white blouse, my white miniskirt, and undergarments and walked into the bathroom. I turned on the water, and let it run for few minutes, before I got warm water. While waiting, I went to brush my teeth. A week ago, I noticed my canine grew sharper. But sometimes it just disappears. The water was warm enough for me to shower. I stepped into the shower, and rinsed my face, before I took a nice refreshing shower.

I stepped out of the shower, and put on my clothes. I walked out of the bathroom, to see Georgina waking up. Georgina was my roommate. She had beautiful natural brown wavy hair, and gentle brown eyes. She looked gorgeous. She had natural gorgeous looks. She told me before, I had superstar looks, which was unbelievable cause of my gray eyes now. I took my favorite black brush, and combed my hair smoothly. My fringe was nearly bangs, just touching my eyebrows. I loved my long brown hair. It was smooth and rich. Without waiting for Georgina, I walked out of the room, and headed down the stairs to the lounge.

"Rosaline." A sweet voice called.

I turned around, and saw beautiful Raquel. Her black hair and dark brown eyes illuminated her haughtiness.

"Raquel, good morning!" I greeted, smiling. She smiled back, and walked down the stairs as I waited for her at the foot of it.

"Where's Georgina?" Raquel asked.

"She just woke up when I was about to leave." I said.

Raquel tossed her hair back, and laughed. "Probably another fifteen minutes in the toilet." We walked down the corridors, and into the dining hall. Students already gathered there. We walked to the sophomores' area, and sat down. On the table, already had some bread and milk. I made a face, and grimaced.

"The usual." I muttered.

Raquel laughed as she picked up the bread and began to nibble it.

"Rosaline, you're such a picky person!" Raquel said, laughing. I shook my head, my brown hair covered my face. My hands reached out to brush them away. I took a bite out of my bread, and realized it had salmon in it. Yum, my favorite. I ate quickly, and gulped my milk down. I stood up, Raquel obviously surprised by my rush. I ate quickly because I felt the same wave of pain in my head. I'd usually overcome it by sitting in a corner, and holding back the pain. When I opened the door, Georgina was standing there. Her eyes shocked.

"Rosaline? Is something wrong?" Georgina's gentle voice asked.

I shook my head, and then winced. The headache was getting stronger. I walked down the corridor, trying to admire the evening sun, but my head was really painful. I turned at a corner, and leaned my back against the wall. My eyes felt sore, though I just woke up, my limbs worn out, as though I ran a marathon. I closed my eyes tightly, and sat down. I rested my head on my knees, and attempted to breath properly.

Rosaline Hunt, A quiet voice in my head whispered. Suddenly, the pain came back twice as painful. I gasped, my eyes opening.

Be awakened as a destined blood, my dear child, for you'll be the custodian of the beautiful Georgina Ai, the Princess of your people. She will be known to the people as, Sworn blood. The voice said, the pain stabbed my mind like daggers piercing through your flesh. I couldn't understand what the voice was talking about, but the voice was sweet and gentle, whispering through my mind like wind chimes blowing in the gentle wind.

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