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Rejecting His Special Mate by MysteryWriter61
Rejecting His Special Mateby MysteryWriter61
Highest Rank in Werewolf: 18 "I, Axel Stark, Alpha of the Ice Moon pack, reject you Nyx as my mate and luna," he said, looking me straight in the eyes. I just...
  • abusive
  • powers
  • rejection
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The Hybrid by Ebba0604
The Hybridby Ebba0604
She's different than the others. They think she's weak. But she's stronger than they could imagine. He think she's not worthy of him. But she's the most precious thing a...
  • werewolves
  • whitewolf
  • eyes
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Changed by QuteDimond
Changedby pepsi
Jennifer Lawson had just moved to a new house and had begun attending at an all werewolf school. The only difference was, she didn't have her wolf anymore. Meeting the...
  • rejection
  • wolf
  • stupidalpha
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Korea's seven princes - BTS x READER by CRYSTALKSJ
Korea's seven princes - BTS x READ...by moshie
"Our beautiful flower, please don't cry", he said. "We will save you", they said. I wanted to believe. I just wanted to. I hated this. I want to co...
  • taehyung
  • hoseok
  • got7
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The Immaculate Bond by therealKH
The Immaculate Bondby Therealkh
Being the Immaculateness Pack-a pack of innocence and freedom-you would never expect a gruesome murder to happen. You would think the people there wouldn't dare hurt a f...
  • love
  • werewolf
  • fate
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Ramblings Of A Young Girl by ediejays
Ramblings Of A Young Girlby Carter Feigh
Random poems that spewed out in the wee hours of the morning.
  • poembook
  • themed
  • special
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For The One i Love by Angel_is_always_here
For The One i Loveby Lucifer Morningstar
This book is for my beating heart who loves me very much and to show my love and affection for her this book is only for her and no one else @XPrincessXKathyX
  • special
  • deicated
  • love
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The Boy Who Made It Rain by AdamBReid
The Boy Who Made It Rainby Adam Reid
Andrew is a new student. Within his first year at Williamstown High, he became quarterback of the school football team and led them to their first victory in years. But...
  • love
  • superpower
  • special
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Poetic Love by TimmyTheKyot
Poetic Loveby Timothy Xavier II
Do you ever get that feeling of falling in love to someone who you never thought you'd fall for? Surprisingly, almost all of us do have experienced this. And to know mor...
  • confession
  • love
  • looks
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Happy New Years by spiritmoon2002
Happy New Yearsby No longer Online
New Year short
  • special
  • short
  • song-based
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Drain by Plush_Smiles
Drainby Returning.Zombie
There are special people in the world who have powers. Powers that no one can explain, but potentially dangerous. So, everyone fears them, humans naturally fear the unkn...
  • island
  • fight
  • angry
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My Thug Love Story by kekelove777
My Thug Love Storyby kekelove777
this story is about 3 girls named Ayris, Asia and Lazaria and they meet some guys at a party and they at thugs named Trey, Kadari and Jordan and they all hook up and wel...
  • romantic
  • good
  • funny
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The Omega Werecat... by katsa853
The Omega Werecat...by GONE
...And The To Be Alpha Werewolf! ~ She's a slave He's a leader, She's abused He's followed, She's a Werecat He's a Werewolf. ~ ~ Her name is Sapphire. She has natural b...
  • werewolf
  • blood
  • kidnapped
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Unspoken Words by ysbllx
Unspoken Wordsby eadlyn bella
Collection of thoughts that couldn't be expressed out loud. Not a story. Just random thoughts!
  • special
  • thoughts
  • break
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What am I? by Beaneriza
What am I?by bean
  • girl
  • happy
  • simple
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Flaws ~ #EverythingEverythingContest by SharpSilverDagger
Flaws ~ #EverythingEverythingConte...by Leslie Hart
  • special
  • everything
  • flaws
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Undiscovered Watty Awards: Spring Edition by sticks97
Undiscovered Watty Awards: Spring...by Sticks
** NOW COMPLETED! CHECK THE LAST CHAPTER FOR WINNERS** This is a knock-off contest much like the wattys but for undiscovered stories only! That's right here is your chan...
  • undiscovered
  • edition
  • genre
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Short Stories of People You Love by AnonymousDisco
Short Stories of People You Loveby Anonymous
Bob was the stupidest person in school, which is saying a lot. Bob wasn't smart. Bob was in first grade (he's 15) when he found out he was special. He could count to ten...
  • maybemagic
  • count
  • laugh
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