Once on Instagram III by gallifreyanfairytale
Once on Instagram IIIby Grace
400 parts and I'm still not satisfied. Welcome to the third book in the Once on Instagram series. I hope you like Outlaw Queen, Rumbelle, SwanFire, and SwanQueen and Wic...
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She's A Girl by imakestories
She's A Girlby imakestories
Emma Swan was a girl who wanted to be apart of the soccer team, but they only had a boys team. So she wants to join the boys team. Killian Jones is the star of the boys...
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The Magic Within ↠ Once Upon A Time by JazzEmerald21
The Magic Within ↠ Once Upon A Timeby Jazz Emerald
"You thought you've read every fairytale out there? Trust me, there are more stories that not even one book can hold..." Just when our heroes thought life coul...
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Benefits by imakestories
Benefitsby imakestories
Emma Swan (21) and Killian Jones (23) are best friends and roommates since they met their freshman year in college. They both have a hard time with relationships, but ev...
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OUAT texts by vanillayogurts
OUAT textsby jemma
Have you ever thought "huh I wonder what the characters in OUAT text each other" ? If you have, then honey have I got the thing for you. Here, you can read th...
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Reunited by imakestories
Reunitedby imakestories
Emma Swan and Killian Jones were in love since they met back in the 6th grade when Killian was a new student in Storybrooke. It took them awhile but Freshman year of hi...
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Teach Me by imakestories
Teach Meby imakestories
Emma Swan (21) is a college student who is very smart and pursued by most men in school. Killian Jones (25) is a new professor who is very bright and very attractive. Ki...
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Friendship by imakestories
Friendshipby imakestories
The two groups live in the same building. Right across the hall. They have been good friends with each other ever since they all moved in. Their friendships grows as doe...
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Diagnose by CaptRegina
Diagnoseby CaptRegina
Medical Drama of love triangles and how people saving lives have a hard time with their personal lives.
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OUAT texts. by Beth_Kendall
So Hi there again......I made this cause well I can. *Hair Flip* So there will be some weird things in here and....I'll be in da book! O-O so here it is hopes you enjoys...
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Wanting a Baby by imakestories
Wanting a Babyby imakestories
Emma Swan is a 22 year old woman who Graduated from College. She always had a plan for what came next. She thought by the end of College she would have a man and more im...
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Once Upon A Time texts by Reginakillstho05
Once Upon A Time textsby Regina Kills Tho
All citizens of Storybrooke all together talking about random things. :) :D :,) .
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The Heights (OUAT) by Thatweirdfan01
The Heights (OUAT)by Thatweirdfan01
What if all of Storybrooke was cursed in Hyperion Hights? What if all of our old heroes are under a curse again, not knowing who their loved ones are? This isn't just an...
  • rumbelle
  • reginaandzelena
  • killianjones
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Curse by CaptRegina
Curseby CaptRegina
The Evil Queen decides to cast her dark curse, to ensure she gets her Happy Ending. All magic, however, comes with a price. A man she had feelings for, and develops stro...
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  • emmaswan
  • hookedqueen
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Please, don't spoil everything this time. by AngelicaR34
Please, don't spoil everything AngelicaR34
[AU of my fic Be looking for someone] : Instead of destroying the wish realm, Henry sends back WishRealm!Rumple to his world, and rewrites the story. This is the story o...
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Highschool is confusing by Ana_The_Heda
Highschool is confusingby Ana_The_Heda
What happens when the Characters (most of them) From Once Upon A Time, The 100 and Wynonna Earp cross paths? You'll just have to find out :) (WickedBeauty for the win) T...
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OUAT - Fallon, the Runaway (Daughter of Robin Hood and Regina Mills) Wattys2018 by HailieMillsHood12
OUAT - Fallon, the Runaway ( HailieMillsHood12
This is a OUAT fanfic. This will be one of the only series of books that has HookedQueen or CaptainMills. It also has Outlawqueen. Fallon is the daughter of Regina Mill...
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A New Curse (an Ouat high school story) by emij114
A New Curse (an Ouat high school Miss. Rumple/Han Solo
Just when everyone thought they were done with villains and curses.another curse comes. This curse isn't the same everyone has their memories. But have been turned into...
  • rumbelle
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Red's little sister by beckyd2001
Red's little sisterby Becca
  • outlawqueen
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 OUAT Remember Us  by HailieMillsHood12
OUAT Remember Us by HailieMillsHood12
"Fine.You leave.Forget me.Forget us.Forget everyone you know.But just know when you get your m memories back or when you are back,I won't be waiting for you I won't...
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