Chapter 17

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Selena’s POV:

I couldn’t stop crying when I heard the news about Justin. Scooter told me as soon as they found out it was him in the car crash, and it was all my fault. I couldn’t believe I was so blind to realize how much Justin loved me and how much it hurt him when i broke up with him. How could i have been so selfish and only think about myself? How can I be so oblivious to see that Justin loved me more than anything? 

I sat outside Justin’s hospital room in a chair holding a box of tissues in my lap, sniffling and holding back tears. Justin is in a coma and has been for about three days now, and during those three days I couldn’t stop crying. I sat outside his room all day and all night just hoping he would wake up soon. Chaz was only in the hospital for a little while, Justin broke his nose and he had internal bruising but hes okay now. Chaz also stayed with me while I was sitting in the hospital too. He has been a real friend towards me for the past two days even though I was the reason Justin beat the shit out of him, but i didn’t mean for him to get hurt. I didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt actually. I didn’t want any of this to happen. I also met Justin and Chaz’s mom during the few days. Justin’s mom was really sweet towards me even though i broke up with her boyfriend, but she doesn’t know that. I didn’t tell anyone. 

I wiped a tear from my cheek and sniffled quietly. I felt a hand slowly caress the hair from my face, “Thanks Chaz.” I said in a soft voice. I could barely speak, because i couldn’t. I was so overthrown with emotions i couldn’t even talk. 

"Hey Selena don’t cry. It isn’t your fault the driver hit Justin’s car. You had nothing to do with that." Chaz said and he wrapped his arms around me pulling me into a gentle hug. More tears fell down my eyes as Chaz held me for a while, I shouldn’t deserve this. 

I pulled away from Chaz and looked at him giving him a slight smile, “Thank you.” I whispered, my voice cracking a bit. 

He placed a hand to my neck and moved his finger moved under my eye, wiping away a tear. He stared int my eyes and gave a nervous smile while he blushed. His face slowly leaned into mine, our faces slowly inching towards each other.

We were interrupted by one of the nurses, “Ms. Gomez?” 

I turned my head and saw one of the nurses standing in front of us. I cleared my throat and quickly got up, Chaz doing to same and standing behind me, placing a hand on my hip. I flinched a little and smacked his hand away and i heard him chuckled. I rolled my eyes, men.

"What is it nurse?" I asked trying to make my voice louder. 

"Justin is still in his coma however you can see him now if you want." She said flashing her eyes between me and Chaz. 

I raced over to Justin’s room and pulled the door open quickly walking inside to see him laying down on the hospital bed hooked up to wires and cuts and bruises covering his face. My jaw dropped open and my hands covered my mouth as i walked over to his side. How could i do this to him?

Chaz entered the room shortly after closing the door behind him and locking it and stopped in his tracks when he saw how awful Justin looked. I started balling, more tears falling down my face as i tried wiping them away. I walked over to Chaz in clear indication that I wanted someone to hold. He wrapped his arms around my back and i wrapped mine around his waist while i cried into his chest. I didn’t have to worry about getting makeup on his shirt because i already cried all of it off.

"Shh Selena don’t worry he’ll be okay." Chaz whispered. 

He unwrapped his arms around me and grabbed me by my shoulders, pulling me away from him so he could look at me. “Selena, he will be fine. Please stop crying.” He said looking at me.

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