Chapter 6

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Selena’s POV: 

I have been in the hospital for a week now and i am already wanting to get out of this place. Its not bad, all of the doctors and nurses here are nice and the food is decent, i just wish i could go outside and see the sun and the grass. I know that sounded a bit cheesy but its true. I don’t know why I am still even in here I was perfectly fine. The doctors stitched up my head and wrapped gauze around my head so it looks like im wearing a headband so i looked sort of cute while i was in the hospital. The downside is that they had to cut some of my hair off to sew up my wound so i am missing a patch of my hair in the back of my head. Also, while i was in the hospital i got like 3 shades paler, yay me.

During the week i was here i had plenty of visitors from my friends and family, and of course Justin. He stayed in town all this week just so he can come and check up on me. He is such a sweetheart i know. I met Justin’s friends and manager and everyone one else that worked with him. I especially liked his friends Chaz and Ryan, they were super hilarious and kinda cute. I guess when they were here it was kinda obvious i was flirting with them. I was laughing at everything they said and occasionally i would bite my lip and throw my hair behind my shoulder. For a girl who cracked open her head i still was a pro at flirting. 

Just then I heard a knock on the door. “Come in!” I shouted. Justin walked in with flowers and chocolate and a gigantic smile plastered on his face. “Hey Sel.” He smiled. Justin was starting to call me Sel because he thought Selena was too common. I dont understand him sometimes.
He placed the chocolate and flowers on the right side of the bed and leaned in and kissed me on the forehead. 
“Scoot over.” He said. I sighed, sat up, and scoot over a little to make room for him. he quickly layed right next to me and put an arm around me still smiling. “Why so happy?” I asked. 
He looked down at me and started kissing my nose, forehead, cheeks, and mouth. Oh yay i love having saliva all over my face. “Justin,” i groaned, “stop with the kissing.” 

He sighed and pulled away from my face and looked into my eyes. “I think I deserve to kiss my girlfriend whenever i want.” He protested. Oh yeah i forgot to tell you, this big idiot is my boyfriend. Big shocker. The story that came along with how it all happened is quite interesting too.

Flashback (Still Selena’s POV)

It was thursday afternoon. As I sat in my hospital bed still feeling like shit, Justin was rambling to me about his concert tour. I really didn’t care, i mean I did but not right now when my body ached and my head felt like it was on fire. I soon felt his warm hand ontop of mine and i saw his light brown eyes boring into mine. “Selena.” He paused and licked his lips. “Will you b-be my girlfriend?” He said with a nervous smile. I just stared at him for a second wondering if he was serious or not. I didn’t know whether or not to say yes or no. He has been with me for basically ever minute of every day in the hospital for the past four days and i have to admit it was real nice of him to do that. He still managed to do shows every now and then at places close to here but then he just came straight back to me. He talked to me and told me about his childhood and he brought me food too, and i have to admit i felt a little spoiled like i was around him. Like i didnt belong to be his. I took a shaky breath and slowly nodded my head in acceptance to being his…girlfriend. His face beamed with happiness and he kisses me on the lips passionately placing a hand on my neck. I closed my eyes, just thinking how nice it would be to finally date someone like Justin. A popstar. I wasn’t in it for the money, oh no, i was just in on the experience. As we detatched our lips from each other i stared into his eyes and smiled. “I love you.” I whispered. He pressed his forehead against mine and exhaled. “I love you too Selena.” He chuckled.

End of Flashback

“Yeah but you dont have to kiss me all the time.” I mumbled. 
“Then we can do a little more than kissing if you like.” He whispered in my ear. This sent chills up my spine and the memory of what happened with us on his bus before i cracked open my head. The thought of our tongues clashing together and the feeling of his hand traveling down my back sent chills down my spine. I wanted him so bad but in my condition i dont think i would do so well. 
I felt a warm hand roaming up my hospital gown, and as soon as i felt Justin’s hand brush the inside of my thighs i winced. A deep chuckle came from Justin when he noticed my reaction. He soon started placing wet kisses up and down my neck and i couldn’t help but widen my eyes. Justin’s hand was soon near my stomach and his hand stopped just under my left breast. He quickly got up and positioned himself ontop of me and crashed our lips together. I closed my eyes and grabbed the back of his neck with my hands deepening the kiss. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he moaned a little. “Selena..” he said through kisses. He slowly started to rock his hips against mine and i felt how hard he was against me. I gasped and Justin took this opportunity to shove his tongue inside my mouth and we soon were swapping saliva.

Jeez this guy is super fucking horny, I thought.

He detached our lips and began leaving hickeys along my neck, just something my mom will worry about later. My heart rate sped up and you could hear it on the monitor and this made Justin stop and laugh. I rolled my eyes and looked at him coldly. “Justin its not funny.” I hissed.
He still continued to laugh loudly making him fall off the left side of the bed and onto the ground. Now that was funny. Soon i was joining in on laughing with Justin, almost in tears. Justin was so cute when he laughed. His eyes and nose crinkled up and he looks so adorable.

When we were done laughing we sat on the bed together chatting and eating the chocolate he gave me. “Selena,” he said with a mouth full of chocolate,”i cant wait until you get out of this hospital so we can go on an actual date.” He began shoving more chocolate in his mouth leaving a brown smudges along the corners of his mouth. I smiled as kissed him on the lips, he was such a cutie. “Justin that would be lovely.” I giggled. 
He blushed and swallowed down the chocolate. “Hey i’m going to go get us some milk from the cafeteria be right back.” he said getting up and walking towards the door. I simply nodded my head and watched him leave. I made a long sigh once he was out of the doors, he was so perfect. I rested my head back down on the pillows and shut my eyes, everything was perfect. I felt better and i had an amazing boyfriend. What could go wrong?

Pow! Pow! 

Gunshots. I shot up in my bed feeling like my heart was climbing up my throat.


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