Chapter 9

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Selena’s POV:

“Okay Selena you are officially well enough to leave the hospital.” My doctor said smiling to me. I was sitting on the edge of my bead wearing a plain black shirt that was Justin’s and some denim shorts and my hair was parted down the middle and combed out so i would look nice for Justin and my family. I was so excited to get out of here and get some fresh air, and maybe some dinner. “If anything happens to that arm of yours make sure you come here so we can check it out for you okay?” said the doctor. I just nodded my head and got up and hugged her. I let go of my doctor and grabbed my bags and headed out the hospital doors to find Justin, Scooter, Alfredo, Ryan, Chaz, my parents, and Jasmine all waiting for me. Justin was carrying sunflowers and his hair was gelled up and he was wearing a white shirt with a black blazer and black pants. He did look exceptionally hot today and that didn’t help at all about the fact that i was only wearing a shirt and short shorts.

I ran up to Justin and dropped my bags and he twirled me around in his arms. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and kissed him hard. He set me down, our lips still locked and i heard Scooter yell, “hey lovebirds we still have to go to dinner!”

I stopped kissing Justin and snapped my head to look at Scooter and my eyes widened. “Food?” I asked with a grin. Scooter was going to run away but before he knew it i was already hugging him tightly. I was so happy beyond belief to see everybody again. After i talked to my parents and sister for a while me, Justin, Scooter, Alfredo, Ryan, and Chaz got into the Ford Escape and drove off to have dinner. Scooter was driving, Alfredo sat in the passengers seat, Ryan and Chaz sat in the middle, and me and Justin sat in the back so we can at least have some alone time in the car. I stared out of the car window to my right and saw how dark it was already and it was only 6pm.  I rested my head on Justin’s shoulder and he wrapped an arm around me, kissing my head. I rested my hand on his thigh and he flinched a little. I smirked and began moving my hand up his thigh towards his hip, why not tease him? I havent seen him in a while plus I like it when hes frustrated. I started kissing up his neck and blowed hot air into his ear “Hey you know you look really sexy in a blazer.” I whispered lowly, loud enough for only Justin to hear. He smiled and looked down at me, “Oh do i now?” he chuckled. I nodded my head and kissed him tenderly on the lips. The kissing soon became a make out session and without knowing i moved my hand onto his crotch, resting my weight onto it and applying pressure. He moaned quietly into my mouth and i drew back sharply. I bit my lips and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. Ryan and Chaz turned their heads to look at us and their expression on their face told me they heard Justin’s moan. “Sorry!” Justin said, putting his hand up in defense. The two boys just smirked and turned their heads away. I rolled my eyes, boys. 

“So Selena where do you want to eat?” Scooter asked without taking his eyes off the road. I thought about it for a moment, then i knew. “McDonalds.” I exclaimed. Everyone looked at me with shock and confusion, even Justin gave me a weird look. I didn’t really care, all i wanted was some food. Chaz seemed to be alright with the idea. “I’m down for some fries right now.” Chaz chimed.

“Hell yeah!” I shouted and i high fived Chaz. I could have sworn he winked at me for a second.

We pulled onto the drive through at McDonald’s and ordered our food and drove away. As i munched on a couple fries while holding ice cream in a cone i asked Scooter what the plan for tonight was. “Well, we are going to head back to the hotel to stay there for the night and i even got you and Justin a room together so you guys could-“
“Play.” Chaz cut him off, putting air quotes around the word. I rolled my eyes and smacked him on the head. He was such a dork.

We drove on for a couple minutes while listening to “The Way” on the radio. I started licking up my ice cream when i felt Justin slide his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him. I looked at him and he chuckled, “Babe you have a little vanilla ice cream on your lip.” Before i could say anything he leaned into my face and glided his tongue over my lip, licking up the ice cream. Then quickly pecking my lips before pulling away and licking his lips in satisfaction. I smiled and continued to lick my ice cream. I felt Justin watch me lick up the ice cream and i couldn’t help but to blush a little. I’m not doing anything sexy, im just eating ice cream I swear he is turned on by everything i do. I could just breath and he would probably get a boner from it.

We pulled up to the hotel and got settled into our rooms. As i walked into the room i noticed how plain it was. I’m not complaining but i thought the room was going to be all fancy and stuff but it was just like any other ordinary one bedroom one bath hotel room.

I sat down on the bed and Justin stood next to Scooter in front of me and we chatted for a while. I could tell Justin was anticipated for Scooter to leave and smiled at him. Before Scooter left me and Justin alone in our room together i saw Scooter hand something to Justin and whatever it was it made Justin blush like crazy.

Justin closed the door behind Scooter and walked back over to me, looking down trying to hid his blush. “So Selena, remember when you tried to get in my pants that one day and i stopped you and said i would make it up to you?” He asked still looking down. I nodded my head slowly, “Yeeeaaahhh.” I said. He looked up at me staring into my eyes blushing a little. “What do you want me to do to make it up for you?” He asked quietly. I saw his hand clutch whatever Scooter gave him and it made me a little anxious to see what he had in mind. “Hmmmm.” I thought, pursing my lips. 

“Strip tease.” I said smirking at Justin. I saw my boyfriend’s face turn a brighter shade of red and heard him gulp. His reaction made me laugh hysterically.

Justin’s POV:

A strip tease? Was she serious? I watched her rolling back on the bed laughing at my reaction. Once she stopped laughing she got up and walked over to me and [pressed her lips to mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck and i rested my hands on her butt, grabbing it every now and then. She snaked her tongue into my mouth and pretty soon we were making out. I was about to take my blazer off but Selena stopped me. “Wait.” she ordered. 

She grabbed her phone and put on Strip by Chris Brown and sat down on the bed and winked at me. I sighed and began to take off my blazer, shrugging it off of my shoulders and throwing it onto the chair behind me. Selena cheered and clapped, giggling at the sight of me. I chuckled and shook my head as i proceeded to take off my clothes. I tugged my shirt over my head and placed on the floor next to my feet. I began to start enjoying this so i rocked my hips to the rhythm of the music. I started to unbuckle my belt and slid it off of my pants and walked over to Selena and wrapped it around her neck, pulling on the ends of the belt causing her to be pulled closer to me. I winked at her and licked my lips and began to suck on her neck furiously. I cupped her breast and began palming it through her shirt. She moaned my name and I kissed her lips forcing her to be silent. I pulled away and continued with my strip tease by sliding down my pants and discarding them to the floor. I was about to slide down my boxers but the song ended and i could tell Selena was a little disappointed. I sat next to her on the bed and breathed in her ear “Do the same for me and we might do something else more fun.”

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