Chapter 10

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Selena’s POV:

I was bummed because i didnt get to see Justin take off his boxers, but relieved at the same time. We have only been dating for a short time and i really dont want to rush anything between us. I was still unsure about this whole “love” thing too. I still dont know what i have gotten myself into. It is just now hitting me that Im dating an international popstar. What if we finally decided to go public? What would the world think? His fans? I started to get a little nauseous and dizzy at the thought of it and i clutched my stomach. “Whats wrong babe you look a little sick?” Justin asked with concern. I raced towards the bathroom, got on my knees, and vomited in the toilet. I felt my boyfriend kneel down next to me and hold the hair out of my face. He was such a great boyfriend that i didn’t even deserve.

Once i was done hurling up everything Justin handed me a towel and started chuckling. “If you didn’t want to strip for me all you had to do was say something you didn’t have to vomit.” He laughed. I rolled my eyes at him amd wiped my mouth with the towel. I walked out of the bathroom and searched my bag for my toothbrush and toothpaste and returned back to the bathroom to find Justin Bieber in the shower. Luckily there was a shower curtain there because i dont think i am mentally and physically ready to see him naked. I walked over to the sink and brushed my teeth hopefully getting the taste of vomit out of my mouth. “Babe?” Justin asked from the shower. I really dont want to have a conversation with him while hes in the shower to be honest. “What?” i replied back. Justin peaked his head around the curtain, hair slicked back and water dropping down his eyelashes. He bit his lip and looked at me with big deep brown eyes. “Come join me.” He pleaded with puppy dog eyes. I gasped and inhaled some foamy toothpaste and started coughing. Was he dead serious right now? Once i was done having a coughing fit i looked at him and he was still pulling a cute puppy dog face. It was so hard to say no to that face. “Alright.” I groaned. Justin looked a little too excited that i agreed to join him. “But,” i said raising a finger in the air,”you have to close your eyes the entire time.” 
Justin dropped his jaw and furrowed his eyebrows. “Aw c’mon!” He groaned. I laughed and pecked him on the lips. “Just shut up and close your eyes.” I said. Justin shut his eyes and closed back the shower curtain. “Can’t even see my own girlfriend naked.” I heard him grumble in the shower.

I started taking off my clothes and once i was stripped down bare i took a shaky breath. “Are you done yet the water is going to get cold if you dont hurry.” he shouted from the shower.

“Are you closing your eyes?” I replied. I heard him groan and say yes. I pulled back the yellow shower curtain and stepped inside behind Justin. My eyes widened as i scanned his body and take in how perfect he was. He turned around, his eyes still closed, and held his arms out. I walked into his arms and he pulled me into a tight hug, probably just to feel my boobs press up against his chest. Then i felt something hard against my thigh. Yep. His penis.

“Selena do i really have to close my eyes?” He whined.

I bit my lip. “No..” i mumbled. 

Justin opened his eyes and stepped back to take in my figure. I awkwardly crossed my arms over my chest hiding my boobs from Justin. I blushed a little as he bit his lip staring at me. He started kissing my cheeks and running his hands down my shoulders to my arms, trying to ease them off of my chest. Once my arms were down to my sides he started kissing down my neck to my collarbones. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in close and starting nibbling on the flesh under my ear. I felt how hard he was against my thigh and i moaned quietly. “Jump.” he mumbled. I jumped up and wrapped my arms around his neck, and i felt his length under me. He placed his hands on my back to push me up more and began sucking on my nipples gently. I rolled my head back and let out a loud moan.

“Fuck Selena you are so hot.” Justin said. He pressed my body up against the shower wall and shoved a finger inside of me. I bit my lip trying not to let out a moan and i closed my eyes. Justin then slid his full length into me and I gripped onto Justin’s back, digging my nails into him. I started crying as he started moving in and out of me with a quickening pace. “Justin.” I said quietly. I opened my eyes to see him staring back at me, but his eyes were dark brown and full of hunger and lust. The tears that were falling down my eyes became more rapid but you couldn’t tell i was crying because the warm shower water was falling down on us. Justin pressed his lips forcefully against mine as pounded into me. “Justin stop.” I mumbled through our lips. He pulled back and started sucking on my neck. I didn’t want this. This wasn’t the sweet Justin i met after the concert, the guy who stuck to my side when i was in the hospital for weeks. This wasn’t the cute shy Justin who invited me to his tour bus to help me out. This was all wrong. “Justin!” I screamed. I managed to slap him across the face and he looked at me with a red stained cheek. I saw realization spread across his face and his lip started to tremble. He slid himself out of me and set me down against the shower wall, and pressed his forehead against mine. “I’m.. sorry.” he gulped. He turned off the water and pulled back the shower curtains and walked out of the shower. He grabbed a towel and walked out of the bathroom, closing the door behind him leaving his scared and confused girlfriend alone in the shower.

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