Chapter 16

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Justin’s POV:

Our clothes were discarded on the floor leaving Selena in nothing but her underwear and me in my boxers. I had Selena’s legs wrapped around my waist and i had her backed up against the dresser. I kissed her jaw down to her chest, sucking and rolling my tongue over her nipples. “Justin.” She moaned in pleasure. I smirked and pulled away to catch my breath.

“Justin,” She whispered, “I need you inside me.

“Aren’t you, like, on your period?” I asked unsure.

“Not anymore Justin it comes and goes.” She said rolling her eyes.

I looked at her for a second, “Are you s-“

I was cut off when she put her lips to mine. She ground her hips into mine, the friction making me even harder. “Fuck.” I groaned. I gripped the sides of Selena’s underwear and ripped it apart, tossing the shreds to the side.

I held Selena’s body up by pressing her against the dresser, with one hand under her thigh and the other pulling down my boxers. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I whispered into her ear. She eagerly nodded and started to suck on my neck. Once my boxers were down to my ankles i pressed my tip into Selena’s entrance and she winced a little. “Baby if it hurts please tell me.” I said softly. She pecked my lips and buried her face in my neck, her grip around my back getting tighter. I slowly pushed myself deeper into her and i heard her choke back tears.

“Fuck Sel you are so tight.” I mumbled as i tried to pull myself out of her.

“Faster.” She commanded.

I pushed and pulled myself in and out of her, and thrusted deeper each time leaving her breathless. Her nails dug into my back as a pounded into her up against the dresser. She sunk her teeth into my neck, trying to muffle the sound of her moans.

“Selena I-” I was cut off by a lamp falling off of the dresser and crashing to the floor making Selena shriek slightly. Just then Ryan barged into the room and both mine and Selena’s heads turned around and looked at Ryan who was covering his eyes and walking out the door.

“Oh shit.” Selena gasped.

“Babe its okay.” I chuckled.

She turned and looked at me, furrowing her eyebrows and pouting her pink lips. I leaned in to kiss her mouth but she turned her head making me kiss her cheek instead. I groaned and slipped myself out of her and set her down on the floor.

"Justin we need to go explain things to Ryan." She grumbled, pushing past me and grabbing her clothes off the floor.

"Great just leave me in mid-orgasm." I said under my breath leaning down and pulling up my boxers. Selena clipped her bra back on and grabbed one of my t-shirts throwing it over her head basically wearing it as a dress. I got mesmerized staring her, noticing how she bites her lip when shes trying to get herself together and how she runs her fingers through her hair when she is frustrated that I didn’t notice that she was turning to walk out the door. I fumbled around while trying to look for a pair of sweats to wear and i finally found some, stepping into them while i stumbled out the door and down the hall after Selena. I saw Ryan and Scooter talking across the hallway and i gulped thinking of what Ryan told Scooter. If he found out about what just happened with Selena and I he would freak out. I don’t think he would cope well with me having sex, he would probably get worried about Selena getting pregnant. 

Selena and I caught up to Scooter and Ryan who looked at us like we were from another planet. Scooter stared at Selena for a while before finally saying something, “Hey Selena weren’t you wearing something different?” He asked.

Selena looked around and bit her lip. “Well I um, you know. I-I just felt like changing into something more comfortable.” She stuttered. I rolled my eyes, she just made it completely obvious that we had sex. 

"Uh huh. so," he turned to me and pointed, "where is your shirt?" he asked, clearly aware of the situation. I glanced over at Ryan who had his hands in his pockets and whistled while looking around the room trying to keep out of the situation. I returned my gaze back to Scooter and licked my lips, "On Selena’s body." I mumbled. 

Scooter crossed his arms and his eyes flashed between me and Selena. “I’m not going to interragate you guys with more questions but for the sake of your parents i will ask one thing, were you guys using protection?” He asked, lowering his voice a little. 

My heart dropped, did we even use protection? My eyes looked over at Selena who was staring at the ground and humming quietly. 

I gulped, “Ummm-“ 

"JUSTIN WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?" Scooter practically shouted, his facing starting to turn a bright red. 

"Hey don’t blame us, we were just caught up in the moment and we didn’t really think about it." I said putting my hands up in defense. Scooter shut his eyes and put his fingers to his temples, "I’m not going to say anything else I will have your mom deal with you later because shes flying out here with Chaz’s parents."

My eyes widened and I clenched my jaw, my heart and stomach feel as if they were trying to climb up my throat at once. My mom is going to kill me, literally. She has never been okay with the thought of her son having sex with someone, but maybe she wil lighten up a bit when she meets Selena and notices how amazingly gorgeous and kind-hearted she is. 

I reached over towards Selena and intertwined our fingers together not removing my eyes from Scooter. “Scooter when will they be here?” I asked.

He opened his eyes and stared at me, “In about two hours or so. Please get ready by then.” He said turning around to talk to Ryan.

I looked over at Selena who stayed quiet between the whole entire conversation. I nudged her gently with my elbow and she stared up at me. “Selena lets go we need to get ready and clean up the room before my mom comes here.” I smiled.

She just nodded her head without saying a word, not showing any emotion and untwined our fingers before walking down the hall and dissapearing in our room. What the hell was wrong with her now?

I walked after her and walked into our room, closing the door behind me and saw Selena laying on her back on the bed covering her face with her hands. I walked closer to her and i could hear her sob silently, “Sel baby what’s wrong?” I asked while falling back on the bed next to her. 

"I can’t do it.." She whimpered.

"Do what baby?" I asked slowly taking her hands from her face. She looked up on the ceiling as tears filled up her eyes and rolled down her red cheeks. 

She sniffed a little, “Justin I can’t…date you.” She croaked. 

My heart felt like it had dropped a million stories, my throat started to close up and soon i felt like i was unable to breathe. I just gave a slight nod and got up from the bed and left the hotel room. I heard her say my name but i didn’t respond, i didn’t want to. I left behind Selena, i walked down the hall and down to the elevator, out of the hotel, and into the car parked outside. I drove away from the hotel and down the street. I actually drove for a while until it was about 8pm, but i didn’t feel like going back there and facing everybody. Selena just broke up with me right when i thought she loved me, i feel so used. I tightened my grip on the steering wheel and clenched my jaw. She probably lied to me, she doesn’t fucking love me. She probably just wanted me for fame, for money. I soon felt lightheaded, like all of the blood in my body was racing to get to me head all at once. I heard my heart beat pound against my eardrums and my eyesight became foggy.

"Fuck," i said under my breath. My whole body body felt numb and i lost grip on the steering wheel, i heard the sound of screeching tires and a bright light burning my eyes. 

Please don’t let me die, I thought to myself

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