Chapter 4

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Justins POV: 

As i felt Selena’s grip on my arm dissapear, i turned around in confusion only to see her fall back and watch her head hit the ground with incredible force. Blood poured from the back of her head and the fans still continued to crowd around me. Thats when i lost control.
“CAN YOU GUYS STOP CROWDING AROUND ME FOR ONE FUCKING MOMENT!” I shouted. I was really pissed off, they didnt even care about Selena. Everyone looked at me in shock as I quickly bent down and scooped Selena up in my arms. She was loosing a lot of blood quickly and my heartbeat sped up. Her eyes were rolled to the back of her head and she was loosing her healthy glow and turning pale. I set her down gently in the backseat of the car and closed the door. 
The driver looked at me and said “Where to Mr. Bieb-“
“Hospital. Now.” I said sternly. He instantly stepped on the gas and the car sped away, from all of the screaming fans and everything. More blood was coming from Selena’s head and i took off the shirt i was wearing and rested it under her wound. I couldn’t bare looking at her, she looked awful. I closed my eyes and felt tears starting to pour down my cheeks. Its all my fault, i shouldn’t have brought her into my mess of a life. 
I rubbed my eyes and when i looked out the window we were already right outside the hospital. I opened the door and picked out Selena’s body, cradling her in my arms, and walked into the hospital. “Someone help me please! Anyone!” I cried. The tears started flooding out of my eyes again, i felt so helpless with Selena as limp as a dead fish being cradled in my arms. A nurse came towards me with a stretcher and i gently placed Selena’s body onto it and the nurse rolled her into an emergency room. I didn’t want to go with them because i really didn’t want to see Selena anymore. It would just make her life worse, more complicated. 
Another nurse walked up to me who was short with short brown hair and hazel eyes. “Mr. Bieber we need to know what happened to your friend.” 
I looked down at the floor and licked my lips. “I….don’t know. We were walking towards the car and she just fell back.” I stuttered. I took a shaky breath and put my face in my hands. I felt a hand on my back and the voice of the nurse. “Mr. Bieber, she cracked open her skull. I don’t think she just fell back on her own.” She said slowly. I felt her hand start rubbing my back in reassurance and i started crying harder. I felt like such a baby right now but i don’t care. The girl i only knew for a day meant so much to me and i just saw her get hurt because of me, because of my fans. She made me so nervous when I’m around her, but happy. I loved her. 
I hugged the nurse and spun her around. “I love her!” I exclaimed. 
“Um Mr. Bieber can you put me down?!” She shouted. 
“Oh yeah. sorry.” I said putting her down. 
I couldn’t believe it though. I’m in love. Just then another nurse came out of the ER that Selena was in and she walked up to the nurse i was talking too. She whispered something in her ear and her face made a grim expression. She looked at me directly in the eyes and said the two words i couldn’t bare to hear. 
“She’s dead.” The nurse said quietly.

Author’s POV:
The popstar’s face showed no expression when he heard the shocking news. He just slowly nodded his head and started walking to the ER. The tears were once again falling down his puffy eyes and cheekbones and onto the hospital floor. He pushed through the Emergency Room doors and saw his love’s lifeless body on the hospital bed. He walked over to her and grabbed her hand in his and placed a soft kiss to her forehead. Doctors and nurses patted his back and said there most sincere apologies. He just nodded his head and said to leave him alone with her. 
Once they were alone Justin cried, and cried, and said how sorry he was. “Selena,” he croaked, “i love you. I love everything about you. The way your hair falls around your shoulders and i love your smile and your laugh. And the way you blush. I also love it when you’re embarrassed, and i love your adorable nose. And i love it when you snore in your sle-” he was cut off by a faint voice next to him. 
“St..op. P…” Selena whispered.

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