Chapter 7

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Justin’s POV:

I walked through the doors of the cafeteria and inhaled, ah i love the smell of food. I looked around and saw a couple people maybe patients sitting at tables and chatting with other people or just sitting completely alone. Everything seemed so peace and the best part is no one walked up to me and asked me for my autograph because they were too preoccupied with their own lives. I never thought i would love being at a hospital so much, as weird as it sounds. When i payed for the two milks i strolled to the cafeteria door already wanting to get back to my beautiful girlfriend. Just calling her my girlfriend made me all fuzzy and warm inside. She’s mine. I got lost in thought thinking about Selena when something snapped me out of it.


 As soon I heard the sound outside of the cafeteria my mind raced and i thought about Selena and if she was okay. She was already hurt once and i didnt want her to get injured again. Everybody in the room started screaming and yelling and a couple people were almost in tears. “Someone call 911!” I shouted. The cafeteria door flew open and i saw a boy about 14 wearing a hospital gown that was covered in specks of blood and… brain matter? I gulped. He had thick lensed glasses and short black hair, tears were running down his eyes and pale cheeks. He aimed the gun towards the ceiling and fired. This caused everyone to duck down and hide under tables and whimper. I just stood there staring at him. He looked so scared and lost. I just wanted to help him with whatever made him do this to people. Just then he bored his eyes into mine and aimed the gun straight at me. He was only about 20 feet away from me so i couldnt make a move now. “Justin Bieber,” he croaked, “I don’t want to do this to a famous rich popstar like you but i see that I’m going to have to.” His finger was about to pull the trigger when Selena came in through the doors. “Don’t.” She said firmly. She looked really strong and confident, and i have to admit i was turned on a little. I never seen her so controlling. She was always sweet and shy, this was a whole new side to her that i never seen before. The kid spun around and pointed the gun at Selena. “Don’t move or-or I’ll shoot!” He stuttered. Selena raised up her hands but she still looked calm and relaxed for someone being held at gunpoint. “Marco.” She said softly. So that must be the kid’s name. “Marco I have heard stories from the other nurses of how you got in here, and I am so sorry for what you have been through. I truly am, but murdering innocent people isnt going to help the pain.” Selena’s voice flowed through the room, her words like silk. Everyone in the room was still under tables and chairs and they were as quiet as mice. “What the fuck do you know?” Marco spat. 

Selena took a step foreword and Marco tightened his grip on the gun. I watched as tears rolled down my girlfriend’s face, her eyes filled with sorrow for the kid. “Marco I know you were bullied at school and at home by your parents. Y-you hurt yourself. I know now that you are filled with anger and sadness and you are tired of hurting yourself so you want other people to hurt too, but Marco, this isn’t the way. Making people hurt is wrong and you know that, everyone who bullied you knew that. They just didn’t know enough.” Selena said, her words filled with understanding. I was almost sure for a second Marco believed her and was about to put down the gun but he shook his head. “No!” He shouted. “You don’t understand. They made me feel like shit. They didn’t even care. I felt so much pain that i felt dead and unwanted. I felt like voltures were picking at my fucking soul until there was nothing left of me. They made me feel like nothing.” He hissed at Selena. My eyes flashed towards the cafeteria window for a second and i saw a dozen police outside, and i exhaled slowly. I looked at Selena and she looked at me back, and nodded her head.

The police barged in the door and held their guns up at Marcus, who blindy shot the gun. Then, pointed the gun at his head. i watched as a single tear ran down his cheek, then he pulled the trigger. I closed my eyes and turned my head. I didnt want to watch him take his own life infront of me that would be too depressing. I just felt like i could have done more than just stand and watch but i couldn’t. I felt so dumb, and so pathetic for not saving his life. I opened my eyes and saw police comforting people and helping them out of the cafeteria. Then i saw Selena being carried out of the door by some police officers. Carried? I ran after them and saw her. She was shot in the arm. She was bleeding. She was hurt, again. 

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