Chapter 11

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Justin’s POV:

I sat on the edge of the bed in nothing but boxers and holding my head in my hands. I screwed everything up for me and Selena but its not the first time i screwed up a relationship. I just don’t want to hurt Selena anymore and i practically raped her. I didn’t mean to its just i wanted her so bad and things got out of control. “Justin.” I heard Selena’s voice from the bathroom behind the door.

“What?” I replied, a little quiet. I still was unsure about talking to her after what i did.

“Can you bring me a towel?” She asked.

I sighed and got up to bring her a towel. “Here.” I said. She creaked open the door and peaked her head around. Her hair was combed back and water droplets dotted her face and she looked absolutely stunning. I could barely even speak so i ended up awkwardly smiling and handing her the towel. She raised one eyebrow and grabbed the towel, stepping out while wrapping it around her perfect figure. I stood in awe looking at her as she ran her fingers through her hair letting it fall behind her back. She bit her bottom lip and stared at me with her big brown eyes. “Justin can I ask you something?” She said quietly. I couldn’t speak so i just noded my head slowly. “Do you really love me?” She asked looking down at the floor. I took a step towards her and cupped her cheek with my hand. She looked up at me and i smiled and planted a kiss to her forehead. “I really do love you.” I whispered.

She dragged her tongue over her light pink lips and took a shaky breath. “Prove it.” She whispered.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to my body. I leaned in to her face and kissed her lips gently, moving my hands down to her butt. “Jump.” I whispered. She jumped up wrapping her legs and arms around me. I walked over to the bed and layed her down gently. I hovered over her body and dipped down and kissed her collarbones. She hesitantly moved her hands over her chest and unwrapped the towel revealing her perfectly toned and fit body. I started kissing down her neck and inbetween her breasts all the way down to her stomach. I saw her body tense up a little and i looked up at her. She had her eyes shut and her jaw clenched like she was afraid and worried about something. I stopped kissing her and layed down beside her. “Justin.” She said. I felt her hand find mine and intertwine our fingers together. “I’m sorry.” She whispered. I turned my head and saw her looking up at the ceiling, tears running down her face. “Why are you sorry baby?” I wondered.

"I…just…" She choked. She wiped her eyes with her free hand and started crying harder. I wanted to do something but i was worried i was going to make her afraid again. I already hurt her and i didn’t want to put her out of her comfort zone anymore.

"Justin I feel so unsure about us, about everything. I just think you rushed us too far. What you did to me in the shower…I just don’t know about you anymore. What if next time you don’t stop and you keep going? What would happen then?" She said, stopping every now and then to wipe her eyes.

I licked my lips and just stared at her. She seemed so her and confused and it made me feel like an absolute idiot. How could I hurt someone I love? How could i even do something like that? “I don’t really know to be honest with you.” I sighed. I couldn’t risk losing her because of something i couldnt control. “Come on Sel you have had enough for today lets go to sleep. But put some clothes on first.” I said. She nodded her head and got up and searched for something to sleep in in her bag. I pulled back the covers on the bed and climbed in and rested my head on the pillows, already feeling tired. I looked over at the clock on the nightstand and it was almost 1 am. 

Selena walked over to the opposite side of the bed in nothing but one of my white t-shirts. It fitted her perfectly because it was big enough to be a dress on her. “Are you sure you dont want to put any underwear on under that?” I said with a smile. She just shook her head and climbed in the bed next to me and rested her head on my chest and curled up in a ball. I wrapped my arm around her and ran my finger along her spine through the frabric of the shirt. I hummed quietly for a while until i heard her start to snore. Everything seemed so peaceful and right. Like, everything in the world was right. Selena made me feel so happy inside and i can’t help but to just smile when i’m around her, but i know she doesn’t feel the same. I know she is unsure about dating me but I am trying to change her mind and so far its not working. I really don’t know why i did what i did when we were in the shower, but i know i can never do it again. I just wanted her so much and i got carried away. Hopefully it will never happen again. Hopefully…

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