Chapter 3

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Justin’s POV:

As I was looking for something Selena could sleep in my brain slowly began processing what just happened. Did I really just make out with Selena? My mind lingered on the thought of it for a second. I shook my head, I can’t think about it too much. But i can’t stop thinking about it just the sensation of her lips on mine drove me wild. I wanted more of her. But i knew she didnt feel the same. I sighed and pulled out some grey sweatpants and walked over towards Selena and handed them to her. “Thanks” she said.I stood there for a second waiting for her to put them on. She widened her eyes at me and put her hand on her hip.

“I don’t have to leave the room, I’ll just close my eyes.” I said as I covered my hands over my eyes. I heard her sigh and the sound of a zipper unzipping. I spread my fingers apart just a little bit and looked. Oh so she likes thongs what a shocker, i smirked.

As soon as she was done I put my hands down and smiled at her.
“How did you know I was done changing?” she asked with one eyebrow raised. My heart started to beat a little faster.

“Um I just had a feeling you were done changing so I um yeah.” I was so dumb.
She giggled and sat down on the couch behind her. I watched as she ran her fingers through her long, dark, brown hair and glide her tongue over her plump light pink lips. Just the thought of her kissing me caused my stomach to do backflips, but why? I barely knew her, it just doesn’t make sense. I watched as her lips moved when she talked and my mind went crazy. I was lost in thought when i heard Selena call my name and i jumped a little. 
“Are you even listening to what i said?” She said making her way towards me. I saw how she rolled up my sweatpants and her shirt, partially up, revealing some of her stomach. I looked her up in down taking in how gorgeous she looked. I could have stared at her for hours but she punched me in the chest. 
“Ow.” I mumbled rubbing my chest. She looked at me furrowing her eyebrows. 
“Well,” she started,”if you were paying attention to me earlier you would have known what i said and you wouldn’t have gotten a punch in the chest. And also, i asked where the food was. Im starving.” She exclaimed. 
I was going to say something when my phone rang. 
“Hello?” I answered.
“Justin!” It was scooter, i recognized his voice. “Bro, where are you i texted you to meet me at your room in the hotel. You should check out your room its sweet.” He said.
I bit my lip. How am i going to explain that i have a random girl in the bus with me that i barely even know? 
“Uh, Hey scooter ill kick it in the bus tonight if you dont mind.” I said quietly.
“Why?” He asked concerned.
I cleared my throat. “Oh no reason.” I looked over at Selena who was sitting down in the couch straining to keep her eyes open. I smiled slightly at the sight of her adorableness. 
I heard Scooter chuckle through the phone. “Well, okay Justin. Just dont break anything expensive.” 
“Okay bye Scoot.” I sighed.
I hung up the phone and sat down next to Selena on the couch. Her eyes were closed so im judging she was already asleep. She groaned and rested her head on my shoulder and snored quietly. I chuckled lightly and gently planted a kiss to her forehead. My heart started pounding wildly and for a second i was afraid it was going to fly out of my chest. How could i get so nervous around someone i barely even know? Or better yet, how can i fall for someone this fast?

Selena’s POV:

The next morning…

“Justin!” “Justin!” “Justin!” i  heard the sound of people screaming. I groaned. Why am i hearing people shout Jus-

I instantly shot up from the coach and soon my head felt dizzy. I stood there for a second trying to calm down as i heard hundreds of fans outside screaming Justin Bieber’s name. I turned around to look at Justin who was still asleep on the couch. He looked so precious when he was sleeping and i couldnt help but smile.

I ran towards the window and saw about 100 girls around the bus, and as soon as they saw my face they instantly booed. I walked away from the window and shook justin trying to wake him up. No use. This guy sleeps like a rock. So i took a deep breath, and screamed: “JUSTIN BIEBER WAKE THE FUCK UP!” 

His eyes shot open and anger slowly crept on his face. “Selena whats your problem?” He groaned. 

I scoffed. Did he really not know? “Well, if you cant already hear the hundreds of fans outside your bus screaming your name, i would like to know how the fuck i am going to get out of this tour bus alive.” I snapped. 

He sighed, got up, and ran his fingers through his tangled hair. He checked his phone and his face lit up. “What?” I asked. 
“Scooter got a car waiting outside for us so all we have to do is get into it and drive you home.” He beamed.
I sighed in relief. I have had enough of this guy already to be honest. I mean he was nice and sweet and straight up and down a walking sexgod but i couldnt handle his fame already. “Okay just let me get my stuff.” I said.

 I grabbed my sticky damp shirt from his room and my bag. I looked in the mirror before we left and tied my hair up in a ponytail. Satisfied with my appearence i met justin at the door of the bus. He looked at me for a minute. Literally, full 60 seconds just staring at me. I giggle slightly, “Earth to Justin are you there?” I waved my hand in front of his face. He blinked a couple of times and mumbled sorry before opening the door revealing hundreds of girls screaming and jumping because they saw Justin. And, of course, Justin flashed his award winning smile and waved to his fans. Then we started to walk for the car. No body guards, no security, just us. 
Worst. Thing. Ever.

I was behind justin holding tight to his arm because i was truly frightened at his fans. Girls were clawing and screaming and making rude remarks towards me. “Slut!” I heard a fan say. “Hideous gold-digger!” I heard another shout. I was trying not to cry, but it was all too much. I felt the tears start falling down my cheeks and i wiped them away with my free hand. Thank goodness we were almost too the car. I was so close to the car until i heard someone shout “Whore!” and i felt a strong pull on my ponytail. My arm let go of Justin and i fell back, head first, to the cement and everything went pitch black.

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