Chapter 5

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Justin’s POV:

As i heard the sound of Selena’s voice my heart skipped a beat and my jaw dropped open. She was alive, barely, but still alive. I covered my mouth with my hand in shock as i watched selena’s chest rising and falling slowly. She was actually alive! If i could i would shout and scream in excitement but i felt as if my throat was closed up. I took a shaky breath and gulped, “S-Selena? Are you okay?” I asked warily. After a minute of silence she finally said something.

“N…urse.” She whispered.
I quickly shot up and ran my fingers through my hair and tried to play it cool. “Oh yeah right.” i mumbled. 
“J…ust…in.” Selena breathed. I grabbed her hand and looked at her. Her eyes were closed so i couldn’t see her big brown eyes. She still looked pretty pale, but her lips still managed to stay the same pink they were.

I leaned in to her face, and gently kissed her on the lips, placing a hand on her neck. Just then i heard a knock on the door and i suddenly looked back and saw a doctor standing in the doorway. He was about in his mid 30’s with short black hair. “Mr. Bieber we need to get her body out of here.” He sighed.
“Shes not dead!” I exclaimed. He looked at me in confusion and walked over to the other side of the hospital bed. He placed two fingers to her neck to check her pulse and his eyes grew wide. He ran out of the door and i heard him shout something, maybe to call more doctors. I quickly kissed selena on the lips again, lingering for just a moment to take in how much i love the sensation of our lips together, and ran out the door. As i looked around the hospital i saw Scooter and Alfredo talking to one of the nurses. “Scoot! Alfredo!” i shouted. They looked at me with relief and jogged towards me. 
“Justin where the hell were you and what happened?” Scooter snapped.
“And wheres your shirt?” Alfredo chimed in. 
I looked down and chuckle, fiddling with my fingers. “Well,” i sighed, “its a funny story actually. I sort of met this girl and she slept over in the tour bus.” I said. “But dont worry we didnt do anything in the bus.” I quickly added.
Scooter sighed and rubbed his temples. “So why are you at a hospital shirtless.” He groaned. 
I coughed and proceeded to explain. “When we were coming out of the bus a shit ton of fans attacked us and Selena, the girl i was with, fell back and cracked her skull open. So i took off my shirt to stop some of the bleeding and now she has come back from the dead.” I said all too quickly. They both looked at me with confusion and one eyebrow raised. Scooter was about to say something when someone shouted Selena’s name and my head turned to face the entrance of the hospital to see a man and a women with, Jasmine? The little girl i saw who was with Selena at the night of the concert?
“Yo Scooter I’ll be right back.” I said. I walked over to the man and the women and said hi. They looked at me with confusion, maybe because i was shirtless in a hospital. “Hello let me introduce myself I’m Justin Bieber.” I said politely with a smile. I extended my hand out to the women and she shook it and smiled at me. “Hello Justin I am Mandy Gomez and this is my husband Ricardo and my daughter Jasmine.” She said with a smile.
“So are you Selena’s parents?” I asked.
Mandy nodded her head. “How do you know Selena?” She asked concerned. 
I sighed, i was really getting tired and explaining all of this. “Well, i met your daughters outside after one of my concerts. Then yesterday i saw Selena at the pizza parlor not too far from here. And she had a drink spilled on her so i took her too my tour bus so she could get a new shirt and she ended up sleeping there, but i promise you we didnt do anything. This morning we tried to make it to a car outside through a mob of fans, but your daughter fell back and cracked open her skull. So i brought her here and now shes alive.” I explained. As i was telling them the story of what happened all Selena’s parents did was nod at everything. They took the news pretty okay and they didnt freak out or anything at te fact that their daughter was hanging out with an international pop star. I just hope Selena is doing okay.

Selena’s POV:

I could barely move, my head fell like a bunch of cars had run it over and i cant believe im actually still alive. My mind felt a little fuzzy, like i forgot something i was suppose to know but couldn’t quite remember what it was.

I heard the sound of rushing doctors around me and pretty soon i heard the sound of my heart beat on the heart monitor. Besides the aching pain in every inch of my body and the excruciating pain in the back of my head i was perfectly fine. I just hope Justin was, i didnt mean to cause him all this worry. Soon my mind went blank and i remembered what Justin said to me earlier. How he loved me, how he loved everything about me. He also kissed me, before he left only about an hour ago, but he did it twice. Twice. God, if i wasnt in so much pain right now i would have made out with him right then and there and told him how much i loved him too. Yeah, i love him. At first i didnt like him and i thought he was just a stuck up rich popstar. But after i actually got to knew him he was a really nice guy, and he was a hell of a good kisser too. I also have to admit he was a good singer too. Fuck i just wish i could tell him but i cant because im too weak and it sucks terribly. I need to manage the strength to just maybe open my eyes.

Come on useless body, show me what you are made of, I thought.

My eyes fluttered open to reveal a white ceiling above me, and i took a deep inhale. My eyes wandered to the ER entrance and through the window i saw Justin shirtless? With my parents? Oh God, my heart race became rapid and soon i was straining to keep my eyes open. Just then Justin and my parents came in and my mom covered her mouth with her hands and rushed towards my side. “Oh Selena my babygirl I love you so much.” She said. I saw tears streaming down her face and i manage to make a slight smile. My eyes then traveled to Justin and our eyes met. His eyes were puffy, probably from crying, and his hair was messy but his body was a wonderland. My eyes wandered from his eyes to his perfectly toned abs and i heard Justin laugh. I closed my eyes and i felt blush creeping on my cheeks. Then i felt a hot breath on ear and a raspy voice whisper, “Still liking what you see?”

If i wasnt so weak I would have punched Justin right then and there.

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