Chapter 15

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Selena’s POV:

I opened my eyes slightly to see the sunlight shining directly in my eyes causing my head to start throbbing in pain. I groaned sat up only to have another wave of pain hit my head. “Shit.” I mumbled as i covered my face in my hands. I saw Justin next to me who was sleeping silently and he had his clothes on which was good but i was only in my underwear. What happened last night? And why the hell does my mouth taste salty? I instantly felt nauseous and i climbed out of bed and ran into the bathroom and knelt down and vomited in the toilet. “Babe are you okay?” I heard Justin say above me. I covered my mouth with my hand and nodded my head. “You put on quiet a show last night if i must say.” He chuckled lightly.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I moaned.

“Well you had about 12 shots and like 3 bottles of beer and you were completely shitfaced and when we got into the hotel room you made out with me then you sucked me off.” He said with a smirk.

“But don’t worry you were really excellent with the blowjob.” He added with a light laugh.

I groaned and hit him in the calf, “Yeah because how good i was or not is the highlight of my concerns.”

“Okay then sassypants don’t need to be grumpy with me. But you really need to be cleaned up so you can brush your teeth and i will get you some advil for your headache and ill start a warm bath for you.” He said. 

“Thank you Justin.” I replied, slowly attempting to stand up and make my way over to the sink.

He just laughed and walked past me to start the bath. I looked in the mirror and i looked like a train wreck. My eyeliner was smudged around my eyes so i looked like a raccoon. Im surprised my hair wasn’t messy. 
As i brushed my teeth as well as i could, Justin set out two Advils for me and made a bubble bath and sat on the edge of the bathtub waiting for me. I swallowed the pills and stood in front of Justin with a confused look. “I can bathe by myself.” I groaned.

“Not in your condition. Plus, I have always wanted to do this with a girl.” He smiled.

I groaned and furrowed my eyebrows, not even bothering to argue. I slid off my underwear and climbed into the warm bathtub and laid back, the water swallowing my body except my head and neck. Justin knelt on the ground behind me and ran his fingers through my hair while he hummed softly. I closed my eyes and joined in on the humming. 

“I can make the stars dance, light up the moon. I can make the stars dance, if you want me too.” I sang softly. 

“Did you just come up with that by yourself?” I heard Justin ask.

I nodded my head lightly, “Yeah i guess so.”

“You are a fantastic singer keep going.” He said with a hint of joy.

“The sky is everywhere, so meet me under there. I can make the stars dance for you.
Dont be afraid, close your eyes. let me take you to places you never been tonight. i thought by now you realize I can do anything i put my mind to.” I sang, a little bit louder than last time.

I felt Justin place tiny kissed to my neck then back up to my cheek. “You are a fantastic singer babe.” He whispered in my ear. “Mmm.” I moaned quietly while nodding my head slightly.

“And you are really gorgeous, and fantastic, and everything a guy could ever want.” He said pecking the skin under my ear. Just then I felt him move my hair to the side and he started massaging my shoulders.

“Justin you dont have to do this.” I mumbled.

“But i want to.” He replied.

He moved his hands down my frontside and groped my breasts, gently squeezing them while he rolled his thumbs over the nipples. I made a slight moan and tilted my head back, then i felt Justin’s lips on mine. I kissed him back and his hands furiously squeezed my breasts. I winced, “Justin, gentle please.” 

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