Chapter 8

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Justin’s POV:

Selena has been in the hospital for three days now because of the shot to the arm. It wasn’t major, it didn’t pass completely through her entire arm but it did cause a gaping wound in her flesh. I have never left her side since the accident because i felt guilty. Although I wasn’t the one who shot her i couldn’t help but feel bad because all i did was stand and watch while Selena tried to convince Marco to put down the gun. Selena saved my life too. If it wasn’t for her great timing i would have been shot in the chest and i would have died. I basically owe my life to Selena and shes still in the hospital. She was suppose to be out yesterday but she is still in here because of me.

I was sitting in a chair next to her bed scrolling through my twitter feed. I still haven’t publicly told my fans about dating Selena because my fans were the reason she went to the hospital in the first place and telling them would just make it worse. The only people that knew about our relationship were the people going on tour with me and that is good enough for right now. I havent done any shows or meet and greets and a while and i haven’t made any tweets or anything so i decided to make one to make sure fans don’t worry too much. 

"@Justinbieber: In the hospital due to a serious accident that happened. Don’t worry im fine. Love you guys. xx" 

I heard Selena moaning in the bed which meant she was awake from her nap. I clicked the lock button on my iPhone and sat up in the chair. I watched as Selena rose up from the bed, the left side of her hair knotted and tangled. She looked over at me and furrowed her eyebrows. “What are you smiling about?” She groaned. I chuckled lightly,”I love the way bedhead looks on you.”

"I’m sorry that i only have to sleep on one side because of this stupid arm wound." She complained jesturing to her right arm. I frowned and got up from the chair and sat next to Selena on the bed. I cupped her cheek in my hand and kissed her cheek gently, then kissing her down her neck and back up to her ear. "Do you want me to brush your hair for you?" I whispered in her ear. Selena playfully punched me in the chest causing me to laugh, "I’m serious!". She rolled her eyes and slumped her shoulders. "I guess you can." She said half-heartedly. My face beamed and i got up to find a hair brush. "It’s in the bag next to the door." She said. I got the brush out of the bag and sat down next to her and she gave me an uneasy look. "What?" i asked. She just rolled her eyes and turned her body making it easier for me to brush her hair. I started running the brush through her tangled hair. When i was done, and i was glad for it to be done it took like 10 minutes longer than i was hoping, i sat back in the bed and sighed. Selena rested her body ontop of mine and pecked my lips. "Thanks for brushing my hair babe that was really kind of you." She giggled. I smiled and kissed her back. "No problem. Just don’t let me do it again." I chuckled. Selena ran her fingers through my hair and crashed her lips into mine. I grabbed the back of her neck and deepened the kiss. She slid her tongue along my bottom lip wanting access in my mouth that was granted. Our tongues were now wrestling with each other and my hand traveled down to her waist. She moaned into the kiss and she released our lips from each other and started to kiss down my neck. She stradled herself ontop of me and started grinding herself into my crotch. I closed my eyes and moaned. "Selena." I breathed. She sucked on my neck hard, leaving a trail of hickeys down towards my collar bone. She pushed my shirt up exposing my torso to her. She dipped down and planted a trail of kisses leading down to the waistband of my pants. I felt her hand start pulling down the material but i pulled her up so that we were face to face. "What do you think you are doing?" I smirked, kissing her passionately. 

Selena’s POV:

Even though my arm is still in pain and it might start bleeding at any second, a girl has needs and right now I need Justin inside of me and this injury isn’t going to stop me.  ”What do you think you are doing?” Justin asked with a smirk, followed by a kiss. I shoved my tongue into his mouth and moved my hand down to his crotch. I started palming him through his pants and a deep moan came from his mouth. “Selena..” he moaned into the kiss. I couldn’t help but smirk a little, i liked it when he moaned my name. I detached our lips and started sucking on his jawline. “Stop.” He panted. I stopped what i was doing and sat up, looking at him and frowning. “Why?” I asked. He licked his lips and sat up and wrapped his legs around my waist while kissing my cheek. “I don’t want to do anything that might hurt your arm.” He whispered. I pursed my lips and looked down. Our bodies were inches from eachother and i was still straddled on his lap, i could practically feel how hard he was through his pants. He grabbed my chin and tilted it up forcing me to look into his beautiful brown eyes. “Maybe when you arent in a hospital we’ll have fun. I promise I’ll make it up to you then, okay?” He said softly. I just nodded my head and pecked his lips and got off of his lap and layed back down into the bed. I saw him get up and adjust himself, i couldn’t help but giggle a little. I covered my mouth with my hand trying to muffle my laugh but Justin already heard me and he started to blush like crazy. He sat back down in the chair next to my bed and pulled out his phone and started to scroll through it. I grabbed my phone and pulled it out and decided to make a little tweet.

"@selenagomez:  @justinbieber looks pretty cute when he blushes." I smiled as i posted the tweet. A minute later i saw Justin retweeted it and added something: "’@selenagomez: @justinbieber looks pretty cute when he blushes’ no i dont"

I shot Justin a look and he looked up from his phone and stuck his tongue out at me. I did the same and turned back to my phone. It was already 9 pm. I glanced over at Justin and he had bags under his eyes and he looked pretty tired sense he has been in that chair for three days straight. “Justin come cuddle with me.” I said opening my arms out. I saw his eyes light up and he got up and joined me under the covers. He wrapped his arms around me and i rested my head on his chest listening to the steady rythem of his heartbeat. I felt his hand rub my back and he started to sing quietly, “Everything is going to be alright, just sleep on my chest and shut your eyes tight, because its really late at night, and i don’t know what else to sing.” I smiled, closing my eyes and started to doze off. “I love you.” I yawned. I felt Justin’s lips on my head and heard him whisper “I love you too” before i completely fell asleep.

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