Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Moongodess be my savior

"I'm so proud of you." My mom says for the millionth time. "I know, I know. Where's dad?" I ask for the billionth time and look around again. "He's upset because you're taking his place." My mom says with a sigh. "I don't see why he's upset. I mean I haven't found my mate yet so he'll be my right hand man." I explain and roll my eyes. "Oh well nevertheless it's time for you to go." She says and pushes me out the door.

"Do you swear to rightfully uphold your place as Luna, Skylar?" My father asks and I say,"I solemnly swear." with a bow of my head. "Then I hear by appoint you as-" my father says when a window shatters behind us. I turn around and see the Blood pack as they burst through the windows. They don't touch anyone and they charge toward me. 16 years of training taught me to be quick on my feet. I leap out of the way as they charge at me. I break into a sprint and burst throught the doors. I hear a voice in my head shout,"Sky it's a trap! Your father hired them to kill you! You've got to run, and I'll find you! Go!" I know that voice anywhere, it's my best friend, Carter. "Thanks for the heads up." I think to him. "I'll be hiding in our secret place. Good luck!" Then he fades out of my head. I can hear the hired killers behind and shift into my wolf form. I'm still running when when I run into another pack. "Skylar right?" A boy asks and I nod. "If you want to live then follow us!" He shouts and they take off to the right and I follow them.  Moongodess be my savior I think to myself as I run after them.


This is my new book called. The Luna's Mate. Hope ya'll like it.

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