Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Pick a name

"I know that you might be uncomfortable with sleeping in a bed with me so you have your own." Conner says as we walk into his gigantic bedroom. "You can pick whichever bed you want." He says and I sniff the air. I walk over to the bed that he's been sleeping in and fall on it. "You smell really good. Did you know that?" I say as I prop myself up. "I didn't know that, but nevertheless you smell amazing." He says and we lay next to each other. "What do I smell like to you?" I ask and he sniffs my arm. "You smell favorite things on the Earth." He says and I laugh. "Isn't that the kind of the point? So that you're physically, mentally, and emotionally attracted to me." I say while still laughing and he blushes. I roll over and kiss him on the cheeck. "You're adorable." I say and he pulls me to his side. He kisses me on the lips, and (no suprise here) our lips fit perfectly with each other. He pulls back and licks his lips. "You taste like... pineapple?" He questions and I nod. "It's one of my favorite fruits." I answer and lick my lips as well. "You taste like... bacon?" I question and he nods too. "It's my favorite meat." He says and I say,"It's my favorite too!" He kisses me again and says,"I know that this might sound crazy, but I think that I love you." I smile and say,"I love you too. You know that I'd do anything for you, right?" He nods and kisses me again. "I love kissing you. It gets better and better every time." He says and I blush. "Stop." I say in a playful tone and he smirks. "No." He says then he starts to kiss me all over and I laugh. "Please stop it! I can't breath!" I shout and he abruptly stops. "Are you okay?" He asks as I take deep breathes. "Yeah. I'm fine." I say with a yawn. I crawl to the pillows at the top of the bed and get under the covers. "Goodnight." Conner says and leaves. "Night." I mutter as I fall asleep.

{The next morning...}
I wake up with a pair of arm around me. I turn around to come face-to-face with a sleeping Conner. I slip out of his arms, grab a pair of his clothes, and take a shower. I finish my shower and grab the toothbrush marked with "Skylar" on the side and brush my teeth. Conner's still asleep when I leave the bathroom so I decide to go for a quick run.

I sneak out of the house and transform into my wolf. She's  all grey/gray with black stripes, but there's one from my right hind leg all the way to my right eye. I was born with it I think. I'm running when a familiar russett brownish red wolf comes to my side. "What are you doing?" Carter asks in my head. "I wanted some fresh air, and Conner was asleep." I respond, and he stops running. "So was Carrie." He says. "We should head back." I nod and we run back.


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