Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Carter and I race to the front steps of my old home and old pack. "Has Alpha Conner been here recently?" I ask and the guards nod their heads. Carter and I run into the building and I can smell Conner. "Conner! Where are you?!" I ask as we walk down hall after hall. I see my mother walking around a corner and chase after her. "Mom! Stop!" I shout and she turns around as I stand right in front of her, nearly knocking her down in the process. "Mom! Have you seen Conner?! He came here to do something and I have to go and find him!" I explain as I quickly talk with my hands. "Calm down Skylar! Conner's in the dungeon! He was supposed to be dead hours ago, but I've been distracting your father." She quickly replies and I pull her in for a hug. "Thank you so much momma." I say and she hugs me back. "That's what mothers do, now go and save him." She says and I nod my head as Carter and I race down to the dungeon. 

We get to the dungeon and I run to the very last personal cell. It was specifically designed for me, and I had a feeling that Conner was in there too. I walk in and see a body hunched against a corner and I know thwt it's Conner because I know his scent. I walk over to him and crouch in front of him. "Conner? It's me, Skylar." I say and his head snaps up to look at me. "What are you doing here?" He asks in a quiet voice and I can hear the pain that's lacing his voice. "I came here to get you when I didn't see you in bed with me this morning." I explain quietly and unchain him. "Why did you come here?" I ask as I turn him around. I suck in a breath when I see all of the lashes on his back. "Take Conner home, Carter." I say as I take Conner's earlier position. "What are you going to do?" Carter asks with curiosity everywhere in his eyes. "I'm going to end this once and for all...take Conner home and get any wolf that wants to start a blood bath." I say with venom in my eyes and heart. "Are you sure about this?" He asks and I nod my head. " go!" I shout and Carter leaves with Conner on his back.

{A few hours later...}
I wait an hour and when no one comes in, I leave the room. I see a guard who bows when he looks at me. "Do you know who I am?" I ask and he nods his head. "You're Luna Skylar." He says and I nod my head. "As your Luna, I want you to tell everyone but Alpha Ben that they need to leave unless they want to die. They listen to me and my orders, and no one else's. Understood?" I say quickly and he nods his head before he leaves. I walk into my old bedroom and see that it's empty, but exactly how I left it. I throw on more comfortable close and sneak into my parent's study...where I knew that my father would be.

"Father." I say as I close the door behind me causing him to look up. "Skylar...I was hoping that you were dead." He says with a laugh and I snarl at him. "I don't appreciate you beating my mate. You want me so why hurt him?" I ask and he closes his book. "I knew that you'd come for him." He says simply and I get a surge of confidence. "I'm tired of you hurting everyone that I care about! I want your head on a silver platter!" I shout at him and he laughs. "The feeling's mutual." He says and stands up. "It would break your mother's heart of you killed what are you going to do?" He asks as he takes cautious steps toward me. "I'm going to hurt you like you hurt me." I say with venom in my eyes and fire in my heart before I lunge at him.

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