Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Guess who's back?

I look at Conner with a look something close to fear in my eyes. "Are you sure that it's you're old pack?" He asks and I nod. "I'm positive. We need to leave, like now." I say and before I can turn around, I catch my father's scent. "Too late. There here." I say under my breath, and I'm right. With my father leading the way and some other prick bringing up the rear they walk just to the tip of Conner's territory. "Where have you been? Your mother's been worried sick about you." My father says and looks at Conner. "And what are you doing with my daughter?" He asks and looks at him with a raised eyebrow. "Dad this is Alpha Conner, my mate." I say and my father laughs. Conner sets his jaw, and I grab his hand. "Not here and not now." I say and he gives me only one tight nod. "I'll just take my daughter, and we'll go." My father says and Conner's grip on my hand tightens. "She not going anywhere with you." He growls out and my father growls in response. "I'll go back, but only if Conner comes with me." I say and he nods. "We'll be right back." I say and turn and run. "Go get five people. I've got a plan." I say and he smiles, showing me his white teeth. I go and pack some clothes and wait for Conner.

He comes back soon and five people follow close behind him. "Skylar meet Beck, Will, Eli, Avan, and Reece." He says and they all nod at me. "Guys meet my mate, Skylar." He says and I wave at them. "Lets go. I'll tell you my plan on the way there." I say and they follow me. "When I was little I got to know all of the other wolves. They all became close friends to me and for my plan I need to go see a close friend of mine. That's all I can tell you for now. Remember: when you're in wolf form don't think about what I told you." I say and they nod. "Ready to go dad." I say and we follow him to my hometown. 

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