Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

I lunge at him and tackle him to the ground before I loose it. I attack him and he tries to defend himself. "You think you can kill me? I'm your father! If anything I'll kill you...and I plan on doing just that!" He shouts and pushes me off of him and into the wall. I groan and get up before I hear other wolves come. "This is my pack, my home, and you will die or leave by my hands!" I shout and change into my wolf. She's bigger, stronger, and ready to kill.

My wolf takes over and bites my own father, not killing him but coming close to it. He groans in pain and tries to run, but my teeth sink into his calf and pull him back to the ground. "Stop! Please stop!" He cries but I ignore him, knowing that he'll heal soon after. I leave a gnash in his calf when Carter and Eli rush into the room. "Turn back!" Carter shouts and I do just that, ignoring that I'm naked. "I want him out of this castle at once! If he comes back I will kill him!" I shout and stalk to my room.

I put on some clothes and walk back into the room where my father lays. "Break his legs and arms every time that they heal...I don't want him walking." I snap and they look at me. "Are you sure?" Carter asks and I nod my head as I glare at him. "Yes I'm sure. If he walks, there will be consequences." I snap and he looks at me with fearful eyes before he does just that...break my father's arms and legs. I hear whimpers and smile evily.

"People, my pack! Alpha Ben will be leaving and I'll be in charge like I was originally supported to!" I say and the crowd breaks into applause. "Anyone who chooses to leave may do so, but if you leave never come back or you'll be killed by me." I say and the crowd freezes as they take in my words. "Yes I said that. If you leave, but wish to come back I WILL KILL YOU." I repeat and they all look at me with fearful eyes. "We won't leave. Alpha Ben treated us terribly. Will you be the same?" I hear someone ask and turn to look at the voice. "No I won't. That man abused me for years, and no one will be harmed by him anymore." I answer and the crowd looks at me with horror written on their faces. "Yes he abused me." I answer and they all looked at me shocked. "Now go back to your homes and relax." I say and they do just that. "Is Alpha Conner okay?" I ask Beck and he nods his head. "Where is he?" I ask. "He's at the castle." Beck answers and I take off.

"Conner! Where are you?!" I call as I run into the room. "Marco!" I shout and look around. "Polo!" I hear him calk softly. "Marco!" I call and move to my left. "Polo!" He calls back and I follow the voice. He's in our room, on the floor looking up at the ceiling. "Are you okay?" I ask and he nods his head. "I'm fine. What about you?" He asks as he gets up and pulls me into his arms. "I'm fine. My father's still breathing...which is a shame." I say and he sighs. "What are you going to do with him?" He asks and I shrug my shoulders. "I don't know...I just wanna sleep." I say and yawn as sleep begins to take over. "You really faught him, didn't you?" He asks and I nod my head and yawn again. "Eli and Carter are breaking his arms and legs as we speak. I ordered them to." I reply in a quite voice and he nods. "Well let's look like you could use it." He jokes and I nod as I fall into the bed. He laughs and does the same before we fall asleep side by side.

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