Chapter 2

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Chapter 2:

We run all through the night until we arrive at an abandoned building. We change into out human forms and walk in. "You need to meet out Alpha." The boy says and I nod and start to follow him. "Hey I just want to say thanks. I don't even know your name, and your helping me." I say and grab his arm. He spins around and says,"Tyler." He says and I hug him. "Thanks Tyler." He nods and we continue walking.

Tyler opens the door and we walk in. "This is our Alpha Conner." Tyler says and I get an overwhelmingly sweet sense wraps itself around me. It smells like pineapples, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, lemons, and orchids. I look at him and he's stunningly beautiful. With shaggy brown hair, hazel eyes( to match my grey/ gray ones), a built body, and a crooked smile( like Augustus Water's) he was perfect. He looks at me and stares. "Tyler who is this, and where did you find her?" He asks. "This is Skylar. She was in danger and she needed our help." Tyler answers and bows. Conner gives Tyler a crooked smile and says,"Thank you Ty. Will you give us a moment?" Tyler nods and leaves the room. "Have a seat." Conner asks and my inner wolf obeys instantly. "Do you have any candels around?" I ask and he shakes his head. "No itself me. You smell it too?" He answers and I nod. "So...does that mean I'm your mate?" I ask and my inner wolf is going crazy. She wants to touch him, kiss him, be near him, be his, but I hold her back. He walks closer to me and the smell gets stronger. He squats so that we are face-to- face and says,"I guess that we are." He takes my arms and I fell ripples of electricity go throught me. "What happened to you?" He asks and I pull my hands back. "I'm an official Luna, but my dad tried to have me killed...again." "Again?!" Conner growls and I cringe away from him. "Well let's just say that this isn't his first try." I say then start to laugh. "I adore my father, but he hates me. I'm 18 and he's tried to have me killed more years than I've been alive." I say then start to cry. Conner pulls me into a hug, and I go stiff for a while then relax. I suddenly remember what I told Carter and push Conner off of me. "I have to go." I say and turn around to walk to the door. Conner grabs my arm before I even take two steps. "Where?" He asks. "I need to go see my friend Carter. He could be in trouble." I answer and he says,"Okay, but I'm coming with you." "Fine, but we need to hurry!" I growl and we run out of the building.


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