Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

When Carter and I run back into the pack house Conner rushes up to me. "Where have you been?! I've been looking everywhere for you!" He asks frantically as he checks me for any signs of injury. "I'm fine. I just went for a run with Carter." I say and he breathes a sigh of releif, and pulls me in for a hug. "Something could've happened to you." He says and I nod. "Sorry. I didn't mean for you to worry." I say and he nods and kisses me. I kiss him back with so much love and passion that by the time we pull away it takes me a few minutes to catch my breath. "Are you okay?" He asks in a concerned tone and I laugh. "Yeah. I'm fine." He takes me back to our room and we eat and talk. "So what are we going to do today?" I ask as I clean the dishes. "I was thinking that we could walk around the outside and go to the pool, or whatever you want to do." Conner answers and I think for a moment. "I'd love to go for a walk if you're okay with that." I offer and he nods. "I'm down for whatever you want to do." He says and I take his hand. "Walk it is." I say and take his hand.

Conner and I's house is at the back of the land so we started our walk from there. We walk to the front of the land and there are two big, black gates surrounding the land. I look up and see two people at the top of the gates. "Conner?" I ask as I keep staring at the two people on top of the gates. "Hmmm?" He answers while looking at me. "Who are those people at the top of the gate?" I ask and he looks up too. "Oh. That's Oliver and Joe." He says and calls,"Oliver! Joe! Come down here!" The two people from the top come down. Oliver and Joe come down and stare at me. "Hello boys this is my mate Skylar." Conner says and they both bow to me. "Why are they bowing to me?" I ask and he laughs. "I'm the Alpha so you're my Luna." He says and I laugh. "I didn't finish my whole 'you're a Luna' thing." He laughs and says,"You guys are free to go back to your job." Oliver and Joe wave before they go back to the gate. We keep walking and we're in total silence when I smell them. I stiffen and Conner looks at me. "What's wrong? What do you smell?" I take another deep inhale and look to my left. "My old pack is coming."


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