Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

     I run down the halls quickly, looking from left to right in search of something that can be useful to me. I dash into a room and close the door quickly, catching my breath. I close my mouth and breathe through my nose as I quickly look around the room. I grab a white towel laying on a deserted couch and start to think of a plan.

     You're small and you're not faster than him. You don't have a lot going for you but you're smart. You're cunning and you've worked under harsher circumstances. If any can kill this son of a bitch, it's you. He's got no chance against you. Now let's get to work.

     With a semi-plan formed in my head, I quickly run out of the room just as Conner's father passes by me. I take a deep breath, mentally curse at myself, and chase after Conner's father. I stop a few yards away from Conner's father and makes a makeshift trap. "Hey! Come and get me your overgrown pup!" I shout and take a deep breath as Conner's father charges towards me. His head hits my chest and knocks me onto my back. As he leans his head down to chomp my neck off, I wrap my hands around his neck and squeeze tightly. Using the leverage, I wrap the towel around his neck and pull.

     He growls and throws me around and onto his back. I make a makeshift pair of handlebars and hold on as he throws me around. I groan out in pain as he throws me against walls, furniture, and other things. I grit my teeth and bite my tongue as I hold on to my place on his neck. "Listen here you overgrown mammal, I just need you to die already." I grit out as I tighten my grip. He slowly starts to gag and slows down his rampage before running headfirst into a wall. I break his arms and hog tie him before I throw him into a room and lock the steel door. "And stay there," I growl out as I limp back to the place I left Conner.

     "Conner?! Where are you?!" I shout as I walk back into the Corpse Bride themed garden. "Uh oh." I mumble under my breath as I stop in the middle of the garden. Conner's not there anymore and I get a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. "Shit, shit, shit. This is not good, not good at all." I mumble under my breath as I start to back away slowly. I look around slowly and try not to make any quick movements. I turn to my left and see the vine that was holding Conner had been cut down. "How in the hell did he do this?" I mumble as I slowly make my way over to it.

     Suddenly, I'm pushed to the floor. I hold up my arms to protect my head and land...hard. I groan and roll onto my side. I start to wheeze and pull myself up. Conner's wolf is leaning over me and I crawl away from him. "Conner please don't do this. I'm not gonna fight you." I whimper out in fear as I back away slowly. He growls at me and lunges. I throw my arms up and scream out in pain as he claws down my arms. "Conner stop! Please stop!" I beg as tears pour down my face. He growls again and keeps slashing at me. I try to back away as far as I can but he just keeps attacking me. "Help! Somebody help me!" I shout as my back hits a tree. "I'm so sorry..." I mumble as sadly as I swing my leg around and kick him to the side. I pull myself up and try to limp away.

     "Skylar?! Skylar where are you?!" I hear Carter call out as I try my hardest to make it to the door. "I'm in here! Help me! Please help me!" I call out and I can just reach the door before I'm pulled back by Conner's teeth. "Conner's attacking me! Get the tranquilizers!" I shout before the door closed again and I'm pulled back by Conner. I turn around and kick him in his snout but he doesn't let go. I kick harder and accidentally hit him in his eyes. He whines quietly and let's go of my leg. I whimper and pull myself up and back into a corner.

     "C-Conner please stop this....I'm not gonna fight you, but please," I whisper out, begging that he can understand me. He slowly stalks towards me and I keep scooting away. There are tears in my eyes and fear in my heart. I've never been this scared in my life by someone who's supposed to love me. I wanna cry so I do. My whimpers turn into sobs and I cry openly. "Whatever he did to you, you need to snap out of it. I need my Conner back, and so does Daisy. We need you back...please. You're all that I have left...for the love of God! Don't do this!" I shout as I back away, cursing myself as I hit a wall. With one final look of mindless control, he slashes my face. He cuts the side of my neck and I pass out from blood loss.

     I hear Skylar cry out and I'm filled with dread. "Search the house! Now! I want Skylar and Conner found immediately!" I shout and we break off into teams of about five, loaded with tranquilizers. I take about six of my guys and we quickly make our way down the main hall. "Help! Somebody help me!" I hear Skylar call out and a surge of fear takes over me. "Let's move! Now!" I shout and we move down the hall quicker. "Skylar?! Skylar where are you?!" I shout as I run down the hall quickly. "I'm in here! Help me! Please help me!" She shouts and I stop to hear her voice. "Conner's attacking me! Get the tranquilizers!" She shouts and I run towards her voice.

     I come in to see Conner clawing at Skylar's face and I start to fire tranquilizers into his chest. It takes about fifteen shots to get him down. My team comes in behind me and I pick up Skylar's lifeless body. "Take this bastard to his territory and lock him in the cage. I don't want him getting out. Don't let anyone but us in." I order and they nod their heads and drag out Conner's also lifeless body. "And get me an ambulance!" I shout as I run out of the house, holding Skylar close to my body. 

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