Chapter 3

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Chapter 3:

"Carter where are you?" I call out. Conner and I are currently in a clearing. Carter and I found it a few years ago when we were younger, and evere since then its always been our 'secret hideout'. A tall figure comes out of the shadows and I catch Carter's scent as the person comes closer. I run to Carter and pull him in a bone-crushing hug. "I was worried about you!" I yell as he hugs me back. "Worried about me?!" He asks in disbelief. "I thought that that they killed you!" I pull back and say,"I would've, but I had some help." I wave Conner over and he comes to stand behind me. "Carter this is my mate, Conner. Conner this my best friend Carter." I say and they shake hands. "Carter you have to get Carrie so we can go." I say urgently and Conner gives me a what-did-you-just-say look. "What? I can't let an outsider join my pack." I shrug and say,"Why not? I'm an outsider and I'm joining your pack." He sighs and says,"Well your my mate so its different." I roll my eyes and turn to Carter and say,"You've got ten minutes to go and get her." He nods and disappears. "Why did you do that?!" Conner roars and I slightly flinch. "I'm your mate, and as much as I love you I love Carter the same. His parents died protecting him, I promised that I'd never leave him." He must assume that I'm not backing down because he caves. "Fine." He growls and I give a triumphant smile. I kiss him and say,"Thank you" as I pull away. "Anything for you." He replies with a smile as well, and we wait for Carter.

Carter and Carrie come running towards us, and we take off. We return back to the abandoned building, and we are greeted by growls. Conner holds up his hands and there's silence. "This is my mate Skylar. She is Luna of her pack, but she had to escape. She brung back two others from her pack, and they will be treated as family. If they're treated in any other fashion you will be severely punished." They all bow to me and I hold my hand up for their attention. "Hi. My father tried to have me killed, but I escaped and now I want revenge. Who's with me?" The response from the crowd was a roar loud enough to make a wolf go deaf. "Thank-you." I say and bow to them.


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