Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

     Conner pulls past the gates and into our territory. The territory is eerily quiet and I look around as Conner slows the car down. "Something's not right, Conner," I mumble quietly while looking around. There's no other person in sight and nothing seems out of place. "Conner....we need to go. Now." I say and tug on his arm. "It's fine. Maybe everyone's asleep." He says and I look at him like he's the dumbest thing I've ever come across in my entire life. "It's six o' clock in the afternoon. We need to go now before something happens." I say as I tug on his arm harder. "It's an ambush, Conner. Let's go!" I shout at him and he starts to back the car up before we hear a bump. "Get Daisy. I'll look around." Conner says and I shake my head. "Are you insane?! There's no way you're getting out of this car!" I say and he gets out anyway. "Drive Daisy to safety! Get the both of you out of here!" He shouts and I climb into the driver's seat. 

     I drive away from the territory and start down the road quickly to my old territory. I hear Daisy wake up and she looks around for a moment before her eyes fall on mine through the rearview mirror. "Skylar? Where's Conner? Is he okay?" She asks and it breaks my heart to see her like that, with the fear slowly rising in her eyes as they rise in mine. "He had to go do some very important business and we're going to visit a few friends of mine. Is that alright with you?" I ask and she nods her head. I smile and start to drive a little faster as I try to stop my racing my heart from worrying about Conner and how stupid he was to go and run into danger like that. 

     "Carter?! Carter where are you?!" I shout as I get Daisy out of the car and carry her into the castle. "I'm right here. What's wrong?" He asks as I hand him, Daisy.  She hangs onto Carter while he looks at me with confusion in his eyes. "Carter this is my daughter, Daisy. Conner's in trouble and I'm going to help him, alright? If I'm not back in four hours round up the pack and go to Conner's father's territory. Make sure that Daisy is safe. If anything happens to me, raise Daisy as your own please." I say quickly and Carter nods his head as I pull him into a hug. I kiss Daisy's head and say, "Daisy, I'm gonna need you to listen to Carter. I need you to do whatever he tells you, alright? I love you so much." She nods her head and pulls me into a hug before I go. 

     I get back into the car and drive straight to Conner's father's property, rushing without a care in the world other than making sure Conner's safe. 

     As soon as I pull up, I can tell that something's wrong. There are wolves going crazy, like they've got rabies and jump at the car. I swerve out of the way and pick up the speed as I keep driving. Another wolf jumps onto the back of the car and I stop the car immediately, causing the wolf to fall off before I quickly drive to the compound. I get out of the car and run inside the house as the door slams behind. "You've got to be kidding me. I'm going to murder Conner...running out of the car when he could've drove away like a normal person. But nope, he just had to go and be heroic. If I get attacked I'm letting him handle it." I say to myself as I go the garden which is the last place I remember here.  

     I walk into the garden and it's darker than I remember. It's like Tom Burton got a chance to turn this once beautiful garden into a graveyard from The Corpse Bride. I gaze around and shudder as I hear a snarl. "Conner?! Where are you?!" I call out as I keep walking...until I hear the growling and snarling getting closer and closer. I turn around and my heart stops as I look at Conner's wolf advancing towards me. I back away as much as I can before he lunges and I love out of the way,  only taking a cut to my calf. I bit my lip to hold in a cry and break into a mad sprint as I see vines crawling around trees and such.  I change my direction and grab the vines before I climb into a tree making a lasso.  "Hey Conner! Come and get me you over grown wolf!" I shout and gulp as he comes charging towards the tree. I throw the lasso vine down and wait until his neck goes through before I pull on it. I wait until he's unconscious before I hang him from the tree and breathe a sigh of relief. "Now to save your butt once again." I mumble to myself as I walk off and look for Conner's father. 

     I continue my walk down the abandoned halls as I get the eerie feeling that I'm being followed. "Whoever you are, come on out. I don't have time for games and childish antics." I say with an irritated tone in my voice. Because honestly...I'm so over this. I just wanted to paint my daughter's room, but now I can't even do that. Conner's father walks out of the shadows and I set my face in an emotionless mask as I stare him in the eyes. "You know that you'll die. Why did you come?" He says and I roll my eyes. "Honestly? Someone else said that to me and we'll assume that he's dead. You're not my father so there's no point in me trying to keel you alive. You're going to die tonight, and the worse part is that it won't be your son's'll be by yours." I say and with that I run off. 

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