Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

We get to the main house and he puts me on my own two feet. I take his hand in mine and we walk in together. Everyone stops talking and they all look at me with a certain admiration in their eyes. They all bow their heads and drop to one knee. I blush and smile as I look at them. "You may all stand now. We're good guys." I say with a small smile and they all look up at me, but don't make a move to stand up.

A little girl runs up to me and wraps her arms around my waist. I stiffen up and look down at her as she tightens her grip. I slowly hug her back and rub her head. "Hi there little one. Who might you be?" I ask as she looks up at me. "M-My name's D-Daisy." She replies in a tiny voice and I smile before I bend down to look at her face to face. "You're very brave to approach me without bowing first. I respect that." I say with a smile and hold my hand out to her. She takes my hand and bows.

We both stand back up and I smile. "You all may rise." Conner says as he looks at me with and the little girl. Everyone rises and continue their conversations. "Would you like to join us for breakfast, Daisy?" I ask and she nods her head before she takes my hand in hers. We walk into the kitchen and I help her into a chair as I start to cook. "So Daisy, where are your parents?" I ask as I start to make eggs for Daisy and Conner. "They're gone." She replies and I look at her. "I'm sorry, what?" I ask and put the finished eggs on the table. "They left me when I was born." She says and starts to eat the eggs.

I look at Conner and he mouths, "I didn't know." I frown and start to make pancakes and bacon as they finish the eggs. "I'm sorry to hear that. I speak from experience when I say that parents aren't that great anyway." I tell her as I give her a plate of pancakes. "I agree with my mate here, Daisy. Parents suck." Conner says and I kiss him on the cheek. He smiles and starts to eat some pancakes. I start to eat my pancakes and look at Daisy.

"Where have you been staying?" I ask and she looks at me. "With a family that took me in, but the kids make fun of me." She replies and I frown slightly. " would you like to stay in the private house with us?" I ask and Conner as well as Daisy stop eating to look at me. "What?!" They both exclaim, although Daisy sounds excited while Conner sounds stunned. "I meant what I said. How about it Daisy? Sounds good?" I ask and she nods her head excitedly before she jumps across the table to hug me tightly.

Conner looks at me and I shrug. "Do you really wanna disagree with me?" I whisper softly and he shakes his head with a smile. "I wouldn't expect anything less of you." He says and kisses my head. "Can I really stay with you two?" She asks and I nod my head. "It would be my pleasure, and I promise that no one will make fun of you ever again." I say as I kiss her head. "Thank you so much." She says into my shoulder and I smile. "It'll be my pleasure." I reply and see Conner smile.

We finish our breakfast and I take Daisy's hand in mine. "Ready to go to your new home?" I ask and she nods her head excitedly. "I have to go and handle some things. Will you be able to help her move in by yourself?" Conner asks as he puts his hand on my lower back. "I'll be fine. You have Alpha stuff to do." I say and kiss his cheek. He pulls me closer to him and smiles. "I really don't wanna leave you alone. Something could happen to you." He mumbles and I kiss him softly. "I'll be fine. Go on." I reply and he nods as he pulls away gently. "I love you Skylar." He says and I blush lightly. "I love you too Conner." I reply and he walks off towards the main house again.

Daisy and I walk out of the main house hand in hand and I smile. "He really loves you, doesn't he?" Daisy asks me as she looks up at me. I blush lightly and nod my head as I look down at her. "He's my mate, Daisy. I love him as much as he loves me." I reply and she nods her head. "I want someone to love me like that." She says quietly after a few moments and I pull her closer to me by her shoulder. "You'll be loved like that someday. Once you meet your mate, everything will fall into place. You'll be showered with so much love that you'll forget about everything bad ever happening to you." I tell her as she smiles.

"Here we are. I know it's not much, but Conner and I like to keep it simple." I say as I open the door for her. She walks in and smiles. "This place is huge!" She exclaims and I chuckle softly behind her as I close the door. "You'll be staying upstairs. You're allowed to go anywhere in the house, but please avoid Conner and I's room." I explain as we walk up the stairs. She follows and I lead her to a blank room that's white in color. "Once Conner gets back we'll paint the room any color you want and decorate it." I tell her as she walks into the room slowly. "Can I sleep? I haven't slept in a bed for the first time ever." She says and I nod my head as she falls into bed.

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