Chapter 7

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Chapter 7:

"Here we are.. my hometown." I say as we're walking into my castle. "This castle has been in my family for many generations, and has changed very little in appearance." I say and feel like I'm giving a tour. I turn around to them and whisper,"Guys remember: never travel alone. My father WILL kill you if you are alone." They nod then I turn to Conner. "If I go anywhere then you come with me or you go with them. Okay?" I say and they nod. "Sorry if I sound all bat crap crazy...I'm just trying to keep you guys safe. My father's a bad man and if something happened to you I-I just don't know what I'd do." I say and Conner pulls me in for a hug. "It'll all be okay. We can handle ourselves, right guy?" He says and turns us to face them. "Yeah! We'll be fine! No need to worry about us!" Eli says and I giggle. "Thank you guys so much." I say and they nod. I let go of them and we keep walking. "My mother was the sole owner of the castle and the pack until she met her mate who's my fath-" I say and I hear someone call my name. "Skylar!" I turn to my left and see a tall boy with jet black eyes and jet black eyes. "André!" I call and run up to my long time friend. I get to him and jump on him; we fall down on each other with me on top of him. "Where have you been?!" He asks and I get back up and offer him a hand. "It's a long story and I promise that I'll tell you later." I say as I pull him up. He hugs me again and smiles. "I'm just glad that you're back!" He says and I hug him too. "Oh! Let me introduce you to some friends of mine." I say and we walk back over to Conner, Avan, Beck, Will, Eli, and Reece. "André meet Beck, Avan, Will, Eli, Reece, and Conner my mate." I say and they all shake hands. "Guys meet another one of my best friends, André. His mother and my mother grew up together." I say and André smiles. "Hey do you remember Victoria?" André asks and I nod my head. "Yeah she hated my because you, me, and Carter always hung out together." I answer. "Well...she's my mate." He says and I squeal like a little girl. "I'm so happy for you and Victoria!" I say and hug him again. "How about we talk after dinner, yeah?" I ask and he nods. "Okay see you later!" He says then takes off. "Sorry guys! Now where were we?" I say and we continue with the tour. "Are all of your friends guys?" Conner asks and I smile to myself. "Yes they all are. Girls are just too much drama." I answer and he groans out loud as I laugh.

"Do I really have to wear a suit?" Eli complains and I nod. "Sorry bud, but we need to finish my coronation." I say and give him a hug. "So after all this is over where are you going to live?" Beck asks and I shrug. "I don't really know. I have to stay here to look after my territory." I say and look down at my dress. The last one I was in didn't work so they had to make me a new one. This one is a long, flowing black lace dress. For my hair it's flowing down my back, and I have no make up on. "How do I look?" I ask and stop pacing so the boys and look at me. Eli, Reece, Beck, Will, and Avan wolf whistle and I blush. "Hey, back off! She's mine!" Conner says and hugs me from behind. He kisses me on my cheek and I giggle then squirm. "Touch her and I'll kill you." Conner growls out and the rest of the boys take a step back. "Are we ready to go?" I ask and they nod. "Okay guys. Everyone surrounds Skylar. Okay?" Conner says and we nod. We all file out and we start to walk to the chapel. 

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