Finally chapter 11. sorry

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sooo sorry for not posting. I've been busy with school!. but i just had the erge to writte. and i had like a supper bad writters jam.( or hat ever the call it) o well im starting not


Is that all i am to him?,just something toy over? For some reason that hurt me to think about. But why , it's not like i care what he thinks of me! Oh i know i probally am just mad , because i thought of him as kind of a friend! yup that's it just... friends.

I flt his hands on my chin and he pulled me towards him. i tried looking away but his hand was stoping me.

"Ay look at me, im gonna admit i am very much attracted to you. Shit i would like to fuck the hot ass body of yours till i got you screaming my name everynight."

OMG! i was was blushing soo much! why would he have to go and say that.

" But im not gonna. i am not gonna do any thing to hurt you. and i would never do anything against your will, okay"?

I blushed and nodded, oh god why did he have to say something so cute ? uhg and why in heavens name is my heart raceing? you stop now! UHg does my body ever listens to me?

"Good now lets get started on your homework"

                                                              THREE HOURS LATER

Finally were done with studying, uhg i hate work. But for some reason i wasnt as pissed of as when im in classor doing it alone. "UHG i hate homework! And shouldn't you be going home its like eight thirty already"!

he shook his head smiling now. why is he smiling? whats so funny, uhg weird ass person!!

"No im not going home" O yahh i forgot he is going to that girls house.. uhg after being soo sweet he's gonna smile about going to someone elses house.Jerk!

" O ya your going to a new house! well hope you have fun there." i say sarcarsticly. im i jealous. push noo why would i be jealous that he's going to be living with another girl? i hope she's ugly, or is like 4 years old or is.. ops i didnt mean that. and i am definatly not jealous. he can fuck her for all i care. hope he gets a disease from it to. okay okayi dont mean that!

He smirked. seriously again with that sexy ass smirk. i ment ahh fuck it!

"Oh don't worry, i wil" uhg never mind i dont take it back! jerk!

"uhg kay i dont want to hear about you trying to get into a girls pants" i said in a friendly and laughable way when i was actually seriouse. i walked him to his stuff.

"you ned help with these?"

He chuckl and said " you sure you could carry one?"

i rolled my eyes.. stupid boy.

"i am not that weak. just clumsy"

he chuckled again. uhg why does he have to have such an amazing and sexy laugh? "ohay what ever you say, carry that one"

I went over to the black and purpel bag he was pointing at. it wasn't tha heavy.. he was proball giving me the lightest one,aww thats sweet. But still i rolled my eyes at him and he chuckled.. uhg his voice is so deep and rough.

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