Chapter 9

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" I have a crush on you Kevin.. from the first day i saw you i always wanted you... "

I moved closer to him as i spoke, he looked stunned, his eyes were wide and his mouth were slightly ajar. I moved close enough so i could rotate our position and ii was by the door..

Then i leaned close to his ear and whispers slowly and seductively.... well i tried seductively...  " Take me right here Kevin... i can't handle this feeling, I want you to be my first..."

 He grew hard right then... i saw his *little Kevin* stand up straight almost as if it was reaching for something...

That's when i couldn't take it any more... i busted out laughing.."Ha ha-ha I can't believe you fell for that....HAHA, omg haha can't belief u actually fell for that... ha ha ... bye Kevin haha"

through that whole thing Kevin's face was priceless. i walk out the room ands that was when i saw him snap out of it... I heard the classroom door open and heard his footsteps... " Aye were do you think your going?" dame i didn't think he was this close to me.. his voice sounded like it was right by my ear and i could feel his hot breath on me... (Good think it didn't stink cause that would be such a turn off.. Not THAT I AM TURNED ON BY HIM! Nope not at all.)

I stoped wallking (1st bad decision) and turned around (2nd bad decision). He was literally 3 inches away from me. And for some strange reson. i felt kinda intimitated by the way he towered over me and aura he radiated off was powerful.  Come on Dee pull your self together.

I looked up and said the first thing that came to mind, " Uhm can you like back up. i kinda need some space, you know personal bubble," he came closer to me..

 "seiously dude back up..u gettin 2 close.. actually you are past to close now is creepy." But he just came closer.. for reals what's wrong with this kid? if e comes any close we could be more than touching. "you know what fine stay close see if i care. you're lucky your breath smells like chocolate"

he just moved closer pushing me with him. i refuse to back away like i am scared. the bell was about to ring and he had back me to a wall. shit i can't let people see this. they will think i did something with him. Uhg he suck "okay okay, if you back off and let me go to class with no sexsual actions. I will be your slave for the rest of the week meaning today Wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday.. ok!?" he looked at me intently first then nodded and just left. i know he just left me standing there with no words. then he turned around and said. "o ya ur gonna be late so. better start running."

OMg freaking douche i was so deeply into the moment i didn't hear the bell ring and he didn't even bother to tell me.  i ran yelling "Douche bag" at him.

 In class all i could think about was why the hell did i tell him that. I could have slapped him kicked him on his 'Precious'. Well at least it wont be for a long time. I only see him outside of school when he is tutoring me and we will to busy studying for anything else. and its not like he would do anything horrible at school.. and i did say nothing sexsual so.. ring ring ring. Ops time to get to science.

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