Chapter 2

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I skipped to class, and almost ran into a wall. When I got there my teacher looked at me and shook her head but I could see the smile in her face. I may not be smart but my teacher like me because I am respectful.

I sat at my normal sit, way in the back and by the window; I like watching the birds and little kids play, it's very cute and the birds are peaceful. Reminds me of a time when I was a kid.

When i was walking to my sit i saw some guys look at me in a weird way that made me feel uncomfortable. When i finally reached my sit, i watched a blue bird on a branch. It wasn't doing anything, but it was very fascinating.

I was buzzy watching the bird, when i heard my teacher announced we got a kid in class. I heard girls giggle, sigh and shift in their sits trying to make themselves look more seductive. I don't want to sound bitchy but some girls can be sluts.

I felt someone sit at the desk that is always empty, that's the reason why I picked this desk. No one sat by me, well not until now.

I started feeling uncomfortable because i felt someone staring at me, i decided to ignore it, but i have no patience so when it continued i turned to give him a piece of my mind.

As soon as i turned around i saw the most beautiful green black eyes ever but that did not stop me from my mission, "can you stop looking it's very disturbing" and turned around.

As soon i did that i heard a stifled chuckle. Even though it was stifled i loved the sound. It was so husky, yet slick, and smooth.

"Hey I'm Kevin"

“Omg did just hear that bird talk!”. When he laughed again i knew it wasn't the bird but him, oh damn it, a good amount of blood had rushed to my cheeks by now. I was kind of disappointed because i really wanted it to be the bird. I turned back towards the bird, until i felt him staring at me again and said "WHAT!" he looked shocked but said " i never got your name" i smiled and lean towards him and saw him smirk till i said "well i never gave it to you ass" and turned toward the teacher, I saw him shocked again then smirk. Ha he probably isn't use to people turning him down.

The bell rang and before i left i saw him get up and boy was he build but not ugly built. I want to like whip crème off him built... Yum whip cream i want some now. I started leaving when Mrs. Liliana called me up, without hesitation she said "Aphrodite, i know you're not doing good in school so i assigned you a tutor, and since you seem to be getting along with Kevin he is going to meet you at your house at 5:00 okay" All i did was nod mindlessly. I ran to Sofie to tell her everything. All she did was gasp and squeal, “Do you think he was smexxy?" “Well yah the boy has a body and a face to match, where is Jamie" I asked Sof. "Probably grinding on Chris, they ditched the rest of the school." I was going to say something about that till the bell rang.

I ran to English i saw him again and in my sit. I walked up to him and said "Um that's mine " he looked up with a smirk on his face when his eyes met mine, "it can all be yours baby" i should be grossed out but his voice just made it so hard to be disgusted. " i meant the sit perv, can you move"

Well the dumb ass did not move he was still in my damn sit. "We can share, why don't you sit on my lap. He put his hand around my waist and pulled me to him. His touch made my body hot, I wanted to jump on him and kiss those luscious lips till i can't breathe. I was in so much thought that i didn't notice that i was between his legs until i felt the bulge in his pants.

I looked down at it then up at him and he didn't seem embarrassed at all. I normally would have fought back but the bulge was so startling, with a soft voice I said, "please move please"

"Only if u call me daddy tonight" I gave up and said "fine but can you move now" he would probably forget by today.

The rest of the day was same Kevin was in all my classes 'I was very happy (note the sarcasm)'

I was so happy to be home and loved being left alone as usual till i heard the doorbell ring. Sof was with Luke and Jamie was with Chris doing God knows what so who else is there that knows where i live?

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