chap 13

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I know it was short but i just wanted to put something out sorry if it sucked!!


WHat!! oh wait i didn't say that out loud "WHAT?!!" "oh hells no you are not sleeping in my bed!!" i screamed the neighbors probaly don't like me at this moment opps

His eyes turned dark and he smirked creeeepppy...

Finally he said "Did my little slave just tell me no?"

Shit i forgot. i shook my head fast like to shake what i just said away from my head some how it would wipe it out from his... didn't work

"And she just lied to me hmmm i think you need to be punished don't you?"

i shook my head again hoping he was actually asking me. Wrong again!

I was filled with fear and anticipation i don't know why but my body twitched at what punishment i would be getting but i also feared it.

He left the room but not before telling me to be a good little slave and stay on the bed. I wanted to hide, but then i realised that he would find me and it would be much worse so i stayed and defied my bodies orders..

He came back into the room but this time he had a rope in his hand.. Were the hell did this boy find a rope from??

He stalked closer to me and my reflexes told me to shift back, until i hit the head board.

He pulled me closer to him by my thighs. He then told me to strip.

I protested i was not about to strip infront of him "Strip!" he said once more in a comanding tone i was too scared to disobey and he won't rape me right? i trust him.... in a way.

But you can't blame me if i was still abit  (a whole LOT) hesitant.. I then felt his heat behind me i din't have to turn to know how close he  was to me.

I felt his breath on my ear he blew lightly and i bit my lip to keep from gasping.

He then licked the back of my ear, i shivered it was wiered, I wouldn't let anyone do this,  but he made me want it!

He then bit my ear lobe,  which made me gasp. what my ears are sensitive!

i was so busy with what he was doing to my ear that i didn't notice him slip his hands underneath my shirt and was taking off my bra.

I was only pulled from the trans when i felt my bra being slipt of and him massaging my breast.

I sucked in a breath and bit my lips.. he played with my nipples until they turned into sensitive buds then he left them

 They rubbed against the fabric of my shirt making me want his hands back on them. "Ahh kEvin please"

He slid his finger till they reached my core and rubbed me through my shorts.

He circled and pressed on it, then he would leave it making me want more.

 He countinued this until i couldn't take it anymore

" K..Kev please"

he turned me around so i could stare at him his smirk still on "tell me what you want"

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