chapter 10

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Befor i could get a word out, i felt the impact of his hand slap on my butt check.. "ahhhh" i left out a scream.. i didn't expect that he did it again and i let out another scream.... It hurt like hell and i felt tears well up in my eyes... the third time he did it i felt somethng more than pain...

What the hell.. o hells no i am not goin to let myself be turned on by this. 

" Ahhh, KeVin!!!" "Ke. k.. kev...Kevin ahhh..ple...ples..please aa" He gave one last spank before saying...

"Now will u get me a drink, and listen to me like a good little slave??" I turned to him which was har since i was still leaning over his lap.  "y...y.. yes."

He then kissed my tears, then he took me off his lap and i pulled up my shorts...

" wat do u want"

"well i wouldn't mind you naked right now."

i scoffed.. "i ment to drink kevin"

"what did i tell you to call me.. or do u ant another punishment?'

for some reason i got both scared and turned on by the amount of athourity his voice held.. and it sounded dark to.

"uhm i ment what do u want m.. master"

"better..uhm get me some water, with four cubes of ice"

I came back and sat on the farthest end of the couch.

"This is six cubes not four" he said

are you kidding me... is he serious? he is not about to make me go get another glass... uhg i am hatin him right now.. i reach out my hand to get the drink back when he turned to me and asked " what do you think you dong?" i gave him a weaird look. uhm taking your glass?."

He smirk then said " why would you do that it'sa waist of time and i am to thirsty to wait that long" he then took an ice cube out and out it in my bra, then he did the same with the other.. i was too stunded to tell him to stop but then the coldness shocked me out of it.. i was about to take of the ice befor he said "take them out and i Will punish you" i didn't give a dame, i was feezing so i removed the ice cubes then i throw them at his face.

His head snapped my way and he  said "what did you think you were doing?" shit change the subject. i walked on my knees on the couch  till right beside him, then i sat on his lap so i was strandaling him "master?" i said in a sweet and innocent voice. I saw him swallow "yes angel?".. yes i got him never underestimate the power of woman hood. "uhm master.. was is that look in your eyes when u get turned on" he tillted his head "what look?" uhg he won't get it i knw.

I grinded on him on till the look was back then i stopped .. "that one" it took him a while to proscess what ii had just said. he was probaly endulging in the moment.

"wait so your saying you don't know it?" if i knew it would i be asking you? instead i shook my head while biting the side of my lip in a seductive manner 

He let out a sigh "wow u realy are naive, well it's when you are attracted to someone  and have a very strong sexual desire for someone , as in you want to do unimaginable things with them." i was shook "omg... i.. i.."

"why would you ask that question?"

"uhm well.. i always see guys staring at me like that and it made me feel un comfortable but i didn't know what it ment so i just let it go..... now i am creeped out especially since i realise some of my teachers and older men look at me like that... " "what if i get raped or kidnapped or gang banged or..."

"STOP! i will never let another guy get his hand any where near understand me.. i dnt give a dame if it a teacher and old guy or a whole gang... no one is ever going to disrespect you body..." i look at him stuned i crawled to the other side of the couch..i just then realised that he get's does looks to....

"K...Kevin...i mean uhm m..master... do you only think of me as someone to lust over..??"

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