Chapter 17

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As I walked to my sit, I silently prayed the guy didn't come up to me.

Or even see me if that was possible. Too bad I'm just not that lucky.

"Hey girl why don't you bring you sexy little ass over here and sit with me today".

I saw Kevin getting furious. "na I'm good, I'll just take me sexy little ass to my sit plus I'm not entirely sure of how clean the area around you is"

The whole class busted in uuooos and damn Jay she clowning.

Why do people always say I'm "clowning". Sheesh im just stating facts nothing more.

OH that's his name, Jay. Hm I was thinking it was creepy AIDS having pussy looking swimming in cologne, pink polo wearing cunt.

Well thanks for clearing that up for me random class dude.

I took another step and he magically had appeared in front of me.

"Damn dude you seriously need to chill with the cologne." I waved my hand in the air while plugging my nose for effect.

"na babe that's just my natural smell, you lick?" he asked trying to be seductive.

Do girls fall for this crap?

Poor little thirsty sluts.

I stepped back because the smell was giving me a headache. "so you smell like 99cents cologne that even a homeless guy said smelled like shit?" I said in an innocent and sweet voice.

More uhooos and people laughing.

He looked taken back. I guess he's not use to girls refusing him.

I tried walking pass him to my sit but he grabbed me once i just passed him

Damn it. Leave me the hell alone shit. Get a hint boy.

"dude what the hell let go off me"

He smirked, and racked his eyes over my body. Eww he had does creepy eyes " No" he said confident as hell.

" what do u want shit just leave me the fuck alone." By the way where the hell is the teacher?

Dumbass should be here by mow.

His eyes where stuck on my breast and I shifted uncomfortably with his hand still gripping my arm.

" I want you screaming my name under me and I know you want me too babe, stop pretending"

This boy was crazy.

But before I could say anything, I felt myself being pulled out of his hands and instantly I felt the tingles and my body reacting to the warmth.

I knew it was kevin before I even heard him.

"she said get the fuck off her, if you don't get the hint that means she doesn't fucking like you, and don't you EVER grab her like that again"

WOW his voice was really low and came out in a growl.

Is it wrong that I am completely turned on by his voice right now?

The kid named jay looked hard at Kevin and I could just imagine Kevin's sexy face jaw clenched and eyes fiery looking back.

"Dude this has nothing to deal with you so shut the fuck up and go suck on a 9 inched dick." Opps wrong words Jay.

I felt Kevin's hands ball up I turned around and whisper for him to calm down.

It took a few seconds but then he lifted me up and kissed me. At first I was shocked but instinctively I kissed back.

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