Chapter 3

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I gasp when i saw him he had a simple white t-shirt and baggy jeans.... Kevin. Kill me now!

"How the hell you know where i live?” He looked at me like i was stupid and said "There is this person called a teacher, they have all types of information.”

Idiot me when i looked up at him i notice he was staring at me with a glint in his green black eyes. I looked at myself and notice i was in only my underwear and bra. Oh yah i always stay like this at home no one is there to see me.

I blushed and turned around to get an outfit when i felt strong arms that made me go hot and bothered around me again.

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around. Not a smart decision because i felt all his package on my inner thigh.

I stifled a moan and slightly pushed my body towards him to grind on it, then i realized what i was doing and got out of his grip. Even though my body wanted me to stay and rap my legs around him.

I ran up the stairs and put on hello kitty shorts and a tank top. When i got down the stairs i saw watching T.V and decided to sneak up to him and scare him. So i went behind the couch and waited till he was drinking his juice, which i never said he could get, and said, "What are you doing in my house!" in the most manly voice I could muster up.

He jumped off the couch spilling juice on his shirt. Haha, he looked so spooked and funny that I almost pissed on myself from laughing.

But i didn't think it through well cause now he was shirtless and smirking at me "what the hell Kevin why did u take off your shirt"

I asked and he was still smirking i swear can he really smile or does he only smirk? “Well some idiot scared me so i spilled juice on myself." i started cracking up when i heard that. He looked at me with a slight smile yah actually a smile nothing much but ay i will take what i get. He said "Why are you laughing"

"Do i not have the right to laugh?" He smirked urg again, not that it's not completely sexy but still frustrating.

"Oh not at all Angel, i want to know what it take to make you happy" it was so cheesy that it was cute and funny, i smiled and said " that's so cheesy dummy" He shrugged and said let’s get to work. I groaned and he chuckled slightly.

"Okay so what do you want to start on first?" I made my thinking face it's not the pretties but still i think it helped me think more. "Uhm I don’t know science?" wait oh no i suck i it "No! I mean, uhm let’s do reading instead." but he just smirked and said "Nope you already choose"

I groaned "Fine meanie" He looked at me in a weird expression. I swear he is so hard to figure out. With all his hotness and what not.

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