Chapter 15

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"Wah What!!!" i was franticlly trying to cover my lady parts.

" I" he took a step

"Am" he took another step

" going to" he stepped in the shower

"Join you" his was a breath away from me

" Kevin i, i don't think thats a good idea"

I was against the shower wall and his hand was above my head making me feel smaller. something he definaltly is not. Shit dirty mind stop!

" And why not?" he asked with a smirk

" Be, because uhm we have to go to school" i said breatlessly

He just smirked and leaned down " well thats why im joining you in the showers, so we'll be faster right?"

Shit i needa get him to leave or else we won't ever leave the shower. got it im a genius!

I leaned closer to him fully aware of ur skin contact.

I pushed myself of the wall and pushed him gently out the shower to the counter.

I kissed his neck and brushed my hand over his lower region.

I whispered in his ear why don't we take this to my bed? He smirked and nodded. He walked out the door. I took my chance to shut and lock the it.

" now go take a shower before were late to school kev"

I heard him chuckle " ur tricky angle, it's gonna be fun living with you babe."

He said it again! "Don't call me babe! i am not ur babe"

I heard him chuckle again " Thats not what you said last night angle, remember that? You screaming oh baby please let me cum?"

gasp!! omg i can't believe i said that last night. " i did not say that..."

"you don't sound sure angle" i could just see him with that sexy smirk of his on his face.

" or shush just go take a shower" i turned on the shower before i could hear him answer.

The next 30 minuts while tryin to shower all i could think of was him fingering and eating me out.

I would normally never ever let anyone do that, so why Kevin? His touch ignits a fire in me making me wet, hot, and shiver at the same time. Why? Damn him.

I got out the bathroom and kevin wasn't in my room. I walked over to the door and locked it, don't want the bathroom incident to happen again.

After 50 minutes of getting ready, I had red shorts on with a white lace tank, black bra , with red and white converse. with my white watch my dad gave me before the trip. i left my hair dry naturally cause i was too lazy to do it just mosturized and comb it. a lil eye liner and mascara and i was done. Didn't have time for make up.

I looked at the time we only got 45 minutes left shit!

I ran down stair, Kevin was watching tv and eating a granola bar.

" we're gonna be late! Lets go! why didn't you yell for me! omg lets go kev!"

I was franticlly trying to put my books in my bag. Then i felt him turn me around and before i could take a breath his lips were on mine. I could feel the sensation again and the aching deep in me wanting for more. He let me go in a daze. His eyes were so soft though i could get lost in them for months.

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