chapter 16

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Crap, should I run or should I stay? I contemplated those question multiple times in my head.

Shit but if I run he will most likely tackle me.

Not a good position to end up in at school. Hmm maybe I could act like I'm going to the bathroom but for how long? I could go to the student store. Grr he'll probably follow.

Getting lost in my inner debates, I hadn't noticed he had reached me till he stopped inches away. I looked up; from where I sat, he easily towered over me blocking the sun which I was grateful for.

"Uhm hey Kevin, is there anything I can help you with?"

I asked with more than a little attitude. It didn't faze him at all, without missing a beat and his usual smirk on his face he replied, "Is it a crime to want to spend time with my angel?"

I was hardcore blushing;I can't believe he said that in front of all these people. I saw some of the girls glare at me and others sized me up thinking they were prettier and me.

I just rolled my eyes and looked uninterested but inside I was laughing my head off thinking ha-ha bitches he don't want your STD covered pussy ha.

"Yes it is you could spend 10 to 15 years in prison for doing this you know." My tone was sarcastic but more on the playful side since I was still laughing inside. His smirk grew making him look like the Grinch.

Na I'm lying he actually looked even sexier, damn he should get locked up for giving girls heart attacks.

"I would gladly go to jail for 15 years as long as I get to spend one night with you" now I was getting dizzy because it seemed like all my blood rushed into my head a making me look and feel like a chilly pepper.

I took some breaths to steady my heart and voice before I spoke. "I don't think I would still want a guy who got fucked by a guy named Tyron in jail"I replied with a smirk of my own.

His group of guys laughed and, Jamie and sof who had been smiling and looking back forward the whole time where laughing their little caffeinated squirrel heads off and Chase was laughing too, just not as psycho as they were.

Kevin's eyes were wide for a split second before returning to normal. YES! I had wiped the smirk of his face, even though it was just for half a second.

He was about to reply but before he could a girl wearing a skirt 2 sizes too small and showed her panty line very visibly and a shirt meant for 12 year olds that almost had her breast falling out came to his side and hugged him then said,

"if that little hoe don't want you because she thinks she's all that, I'll be happy to spend some 'time' with you after school, or whenever".

O hells to the fucking no.

This bitch did not just call me a hoe, and she has her AID covered hand all over his chest, that's my chest bitch.

Wait did I just say my chest?

HELLS YA! All that is fucking mine and if a slut doesn't want to get slap she'll remove her hand and walk away.

Kevin looked at me with worried eyes. Awe so cute he looked worried but was just too nice to tell her to move. He tried moving to the side but this bitch stuck to him like honey to well anything. He looked at me for help.

Wait does honey stick to everything? Hmm, oops so not the time.

"I'm sorry but did you just call me a hoe, bitch I think you need a fucking reality check because I'm pretty sure someone you who sucked half the football team dick, slept with the whole varsity basketball with some jv and freshman basketball team, looks like the should be back at their corner before their regular starts getting worried."

"Bitch someone whose pussy is so lose they can't close their legs should not be calling anybody else a hoe. And bitch it's obvious that he doesn't want you."

I said stepping closer to them, and then I grabbed Kevin and kissed him.

Well it was supposed to be just to make her jealous and pissed.

But when he wrapped his arms around my lower back and I curled up into his body wrapping my arms around his neck I was hooked, electricity running through my lips and whole body, I needed more.

He licked my lips asking for entrance and I gave in, fighting with his tongue.

I needed to stop before we have sex in front of all these people.

I lightly bit his tongue and pulled away from him. I tried to get out of his hold, but he arms only around me so I just turned around in his hold.

The slut was furious.

Her arms were at her hips and she was glaring at me, bitch if looks could kill I would have murdered you the moment you had touched him so go somewhere with that constipated look.

Instead of saying this I just smiled a sickly sweet smile at her.

Sof being the best friend she is jumped up and said

"I'm sorry miss but I'm scared I might catch HIV from being around you so I have to ask you to leave this area before you contaminate it."

Jamie showed her a way as if he was ushering her out a door. Ha-ha love me best friend.

"This isn't over bitch" she said in her annoying ass voice urg shut the hell up already.

"Call me bitch one more time and you best believe you will be getting your ass beat." I said in a threating voice.

She scoffed and walked away with her so call 'friends' behind her, why the hell hadn't they helped her dumb asses.

Now that the whore was gone I saw that there had being a crowd forming, people are so nosey damn mind your whole damn business.

I got out of Kevin's grip and heard him groan. I have to admit it was comfortable being in his arms.

Giving him a little hug I walked away with sof, Jamie and chase after they had grabbed our stuff. Once we were a good distance away we busted out laughing.

"Omg Dee, who the fuck was that"? Jamie asked tiers in his eyes.

"I ha-ha don't know ha-ha some bitch that think she people" We were laughing and talking about the encounter, until the bell rang.

Awe man it's class time, I hugged everyone goodbye and went to class.

I had gotten used to seeing Kevin in the desk next to mine. His smirking face, maybe I shouldn't have saved him.

Then I saw the guy that had snuck up behind me was also in this class smiling at me.

I turned to kevin and his face had darkened, guess he saw him too glaring in the creeps direction. Damn can a girl catch a break!

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