Chapter 18

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Oh my Jesus (Mexican name) what did I just say? Why would that come out now? Uhg he probably things I'm am whiny lil hussy. Or I'm an insecure girly girl. Which I am, sorta insecure that is , not too girly. But I dint want him to think that.

I faked laughed " haha I kid I kid, you know what, just forget what I said" fake smile. His face was emotionless when I was speaking. Oh no. Damn it. You really screwed up this time Dee.

How I would love for him to screw me with his ever so impressive D. Pounding into me till I reach multiple organisms.

Playing with my "Angel" I was snapped out of my wet day dream in a daze "huh"? I asked absent minded.

He scooted closer and his lips came to my ear, so close I could feel his breath on me, making me shiver unintentionally.

" I know you are not playing and what you said you meant, never be embarrassed to tell me how you feel Angel". " Even when you are angry or just sad let it out on me and do not hold back do yo understand me?" I nodded " I want to hear you say it" he said this and nibbled on my ear. Oh the perks of sitting in the very back corner of class. "Yes"

" good now when we get home you will tell me everything you feel and understood?" I nodded "Not the correct answer angel I might just have to punish you for that, plus the fact that you tried to take back what you said"

Is it wrong that I am really turned on by this dominant and authorities side of him? Or I'm a horny as teenager for being excited for his punishment? Because thinking about him bringing me to pieces only to be shattered by organisms makes heat pool in my lower region.

He left my ear but stayed by my side.

Hmm if I was gonna get punished anyways might as well be really bad.

My hand went to his thigh, like I didn't mean for it to. When I felt him sorta relax again my fingers crawled up his thigh reaching his piper and playing with it. I pulled down his zipper but stopped when I felt the sweet vibrations and tugging on my breasts. At first I was too shocked to move. My hand trembled on his zipper but I kept going. No way was he gonna get the upper hand, again.

His zipper was down and my body was getting shocks. I then started feeling his dick through his pants. I felt him get harder and smirked. But then shiver again when the vibration and tugging increased.

I bit my lip and my hand moved to my clit as the other kept playing with him.

"Don't you dare touch yourself". I looked at me with a sly smirk. My hand stroke his length and kept moving towards my clit. " I swear angel do not tempt me, more than you are already"

I touched his tip and his boxer briefs were wet. Rubbing around while still moving closer to my clit. My fingers brushed against it and I almost let out a moan. I watched Kevin and he had a sensual look in those magnetic eyes.

Mixed with lust and authority. God can school end please. 10 minutes left.

I licked my lips seductively,I hoped, it looked like it worked cause his eyes got darker and followed my tongue action. My fingers were going to push harder on my clit when his hand caught me. Oh shit! "told you not to touch angel, yet you still disobeyed me. You really are naughty aren't you". I shook my head. His voice was just too much deep, husky low and flowing, I could cum from his voice.

" no no I think you want to be punished and I just love pleasing you. So how about a taste of what to expect when we get home". His finger rubbed my clit harder than I did rolling the nub and going up and down. " Kevin please uh...mmh" " please what angel" he nibbled on my ear "please stop? Cause you don't sound like you want me to stop" he then moved to my pussy and played with the vibrator thing. I covered my mouth and bite my lip to keep from making noises.

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