chapter 1

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'Cause baby I still catch a grenade for you; throw may hand on a blade for...'

"Shut up" I yelled and hit snooze, then went back to sleep. You may think i am weird for yelling at an alarm clock but I swear it is always out to get me.

Every time I am in the middle of a good dream or when I am finally asleep it waits a minute then all of a sudden just starts singing. As soon as I start drifting off I hear 'Cause baby I'll still catch a grenade for you yaaa yaaa' 'Throw my hand on a blade for you yaa yaaa'

"Arrrrrggg" I screamed and threw the stupid thing at the wall.

I tried to sleep but couldn't, I hope it's happy.

I walk to the IT, my nick name for my alarm clock, and stared at it still not broken, not even a scratch, I swear this thing is demonic.

I got in the shower and took a long hot shower, they are incredibly refreshing and I would stay in them forever if the water doesn't turn cold or I didn't have to go to school. I then walked into my messed up closet, wow I really need to clean this place up, anyways what should I wear?

I picked out a light blue loose tank top and white shorts. I got out black Jordan's and a lace light blue hello kitty bra and underwear set. If you haven't notice I am kind of obsessed with hello kitty, she is silent but too cute, and the silent one are always evil... or something like that. Besides, it’s not like anyone is going to be seeing my underwear

Anyways I curled my chocolate brown hair in loose messy curls, put on eyeliner to make my gray with lines of lime green eyes pop. Weird right I know like who the hell has lime green eyes oh well I like them. I didn't put on any mascara because my eyelashes are already thick black and long. Thanks to my mommy. Yes I said mommy so what a 17 year old can't call their parents mommy and daddy? I went on to put lip gloss, I hate lipstick, and I was ready. I looked good enough. I mean its school not a party.

I slid down the rails and notice I was 1 hour early so I decided to make some pancakes chocolate chip pancakes! Boo yah! I wonder why people don't say that anymore.

Oh yah if you have notice my mom and dad aren't home well it's cause they are always of somewhere since I turned 17 they said I have to learn to live on my own since I am almost an adult, or something like that. I think they just want "alone adult time". So I basically live alone but I do see them and love them anyways

After eating I still have 45 minutes to get to school I decide to get my backpack guess what brand and color it is?

If you guessed blue and black hello kitty you're wrong. It's white and blue with SpongeBob face, yep that right tricked you.

when I got to school my besti Sofie runs up to me squealing "guess what guess what guess what" so I said "omg did we get a chocolate fountain?"

"No idiot" she said giving me an, are you high look. "Well u told me to guess, well what is the news that is better than getting a chocolate fountain" I asked my mood going down after hearing it none chocolate related.

She squeals again "omg we have a new totally insanely absolute totally." "Sof spit it out" I screamed impatiently "smexy" I stare at her like she is about to be punched in the stomach if she doesn't tell me

But as soon as she said that Jamie came up to me squealing. Yah he’s my sexy ass gay boy

Anyways he freaking almost tackled me and didn't even say sorry the nerves of people these days "omg omg omg" see what did I tell you he's as straight as squid wards legs but I love him he's better than most girls.

"There is a Greek god at our school" Jamie said.

Chase looked worried and said aye what about me?" Jamie looked up lovingly and said “Oh honey you are my sexy beast." oh yah if I forgot to say Jamie got a boyfriend named Chase and Sof has a boy toy named Zack, I didn't say boyfriend cause Sof wants to dump him.

See the think is she like this Luke boy since 8th grade but is too shy and thinks he doesn't like her. So every boy she went out with lasted 1 month the longest that it lasted was a month and two days.

Any ways they started squealing and talking about the new 'hot' boy and I decided to squeal with them it looked fun. They stopped and looked at me like I was high again and before they said anything, the bell rang.

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