Chap 12

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"Good night Kevin " im sleepy "im going to bed"!. this has been a long and emotional day gezz who knew havin a sexy as guy movin in would be so troublesome.. and people call me strange! Peshhwait till they see him outside of school.. Maybe i should be like him! mysetrious at school then be wild or show me "TRUE"nature out of school.. Naaa ha whats the fun in that.. then who will mess with him to make him and other crazy... its a dirty and hard job but some has to do it.. I am honored to take the reponsibility.!

When i was about to steep from the couch thinking kevin its asleepits about 1:00 now.. i felt him grab me around the waist and pull be ontop of him on the i need my sleep or someone is gettin hurt!. "kevin let go of me in tired"..

"Im not playin let me go now!" he opened his eyes at that. ha i knew i was intimitating, and people said my voice was too soft suck on that.

He then said "did i just hear my slave order me her master around?" shiit damn it! Does he never forget. i probaly made the worst deal in my life..well teenage lfie.. im probaly going to make way worse deals as i grow up!. im soo lookin foward to those years!!

"uhm ha no i said uhm i said can you please let me go to sleep master?"

"did you say can?!" sheesh is there no pleasin this boy?? hes like a freaking grammr teacher!! great i am goin to have to talk probaly in my own house! in the mornin am i goin to be like, Can you please pass the butter sir or may i use the bathroom sir?

" no i said may you??" "you asking or saying?" he chuckled i guess hes awake now.. uh im done with this. i need to be in a bed under some cover!. Its cold at night if he hadn't noticed!.

"please master im cold and need to go to me bed" i said in the most sweetest, smallest and quietest voice!. He got up making me go up with him. still though i was in his arms pressed against his chest and sittin on his lap.. thank god im tired because i would take advantage of him right here and now. plus you know  im not you know a hoe (well not that hoeish ky!! people getting technical!!!!)..

" Ok lets go to bed" he said with a smirk!! why is he smirking?? Lets go then sheesh ive been try to tell him this you know what forget it im tireed.. but before i could get up he carried me with him.. omg wat the frankenstien??

"Uhm kevin you know im still on you right?" he look at me " well ya its not lik your a feather with those curves of yours how could you be.. you wanted to go to bed and you were too tired soo im carrying you" well isn't he just a gentleman. until he when he goes all power hungry.. bipolar much??

He carried me even up the stairs. dam this kid has serious muscles.. uhg i want him to just wrapp me in those muscles under the blanket. i wont even care if we don't do anything.. but will i admit that? hellzzz na thatt would be too easy.. and who liks easy things now adays? Not me!

We got to my room and he threw me on threw me on the bed.. i would be pissed of ifff it wasn't AWesome i wanna do that again..

i smile amd look  up at him its been 2 minutes and he hasn't left okay this is gettin creppy.. "uhm kevin you know your room is the next door right?" he chuckled .. okay this dude has been doing to much laughing did i miss something?

Then he said "your soo slow!! im going to sleep here tonight!"

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